Feelin’ good?

“Bring it on” you might say.

The thing is, as you’ve probably noticed, feeling good doesn’t always happen.

Life sometimes serves up tea when you prefer coffee (or vice versa).

Even if Life were to serve up coffee every single time you discover this:

pleasure + pleasure + pleasure
does not equal happiness.

Pleasure is a darn good feelin’, no doubt about that, but when you expect pleasure to deliver happiness – disappointment, resentment and suffering is the result.

The happiness we talk about here is not the feel-good-pleasure-feeling that happens when circumstances match our preferences.

The happiness we talk about here is independent of circumstances. It arises when the suffering caused by expectations and attachment to outcome drop away.

When expectations fall away. Happiness arises.

When attachment to outcome falls away. Happiness arises.

True happiness is ordinary and often overlooked because it’s natural.

It doesn’t shock your nervous system like a shot of expresso.

In fact it may not grab your attention at all. Unless you’ve become immersed in suffering, and the moment attachment drops away the sudden contrast, as contentment rushes in, is unmistakable.

So explore the confusion between pleasure-seeking and genuine happiness.

Drop the pursuit of pleasure fueled by the expectation that pleasure delivers happiness.

Connect with the unbroken happiness of your true nature to experience the satisfaction, fulfillment and happiness your heart longs for.

And enjoy coffee when Life serves up coffee!

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