Q. When you say our true self is whole and complete, what do you mean? I still need things like health, food, water and money.


A: Our True Self is the absence of lack.

When you become more interested in uncovering your True Self rather than believe the lie that you are fundamentally lacking you take a radical turn. 

The exploration of who you really are is a return to the Love at the heart of your Being. A love that upwells peace and happiness and expresses as intelligent, loving actions in life.

The True Self is the experience of being whole and complete no matter what appears as the material circumstances of your life.

Yes, you will experience hunger for food, thirst for water, a preference for shelter and the desire to meet the practicalities of bills to pay and a body to maintain.

The harmony and completeness of your true self does not block or prevent actions.

What’s on offer as you experience being already whole and complete is for actions to spring from love, not discontent.

Instead of chasing after success or happiness you become more spontaneous, not less. More engaged and open to life, not less.

So, break free from the herd. Turn away from the lie that you’re lacking or a failure.

Simply. Be.You.

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