Your life and gifts are a sacred contribution.

Discover how to live an inspired conscious life. Create new possibilities for yourself, your life and work in the world.

Here’s how you can work with me:

Breakthrough That

For a significant life changing decision, or for a single issue that keeps getting in the way of your health, work lofe or relationships.


Private Mentoring

When we work together in individual mentoring we bring a concentrated focus to uncover your innate wellbeing. In this process you discover your true self and highest contribution in life.

Not by giving you a quick fix, new technique or strategy, but by showing you how to live consciously in a whole new way.


Immersion Retreat

An immersion retreat is an opportunity to step out of your everyday habits of thought and actions.

Away from distractions, you enter into a deeper understanding about how wellbeing, purpose and happiness is your natural state.



Ongoing local groups in Corvallis, OR and events for the public.


Not sure what you need?

If you’re ready to wake up but are not sure what you need – let’s meet for a
Clarity Conversation (no charge).

Click here to set up a time for your Clarity Conversation.


Fiona is remarkable. She has the ability to create a safe/sacred space where you can be vulnerable, passionate and open. Such a gift of being Love with Self and Other! If you need someone with a listening heart who can ‘help you heal and help heal the world too’, then Fiona is the guide for you.



Encountering Fiona is being deeply heard and deeply held; like encountering stillness. She makes offerings with the lightest of touches. She lives with a bright and joyous curiosity listening for what is just beyond awareness.

Her words have an effortless accuracy and her voice is full of healing.



Fiona’s sensitive and perceptive guidance has truly supported me during a very significant transformative period in my life.

Outwardly, many changes have taken place in my life, but more importantly, I felt a huge shift in my awareness, which is difficult to describe. But along the way, there have been times of incredibly deep and sometimes deep emotional releases.

Through this time, Fiona gave me personal support in understanding and confirming what the journey really was about and how to navigate it without getting caught in the big waves.


Live an awakened life.

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