The Sedona Method is a series of simple questions to help you let go of painful emotions, memories, resentments, beliefs and negativity that hold you back from enjoying being you.

When you let go of emotional, mental and energetic blocks you access your natural capacity to heal and thrive in all areas of your life, to create what you want and love with ease and confidence. 

More than this, letting go reveals your true self – peace, happiness and wellbeing.  When you open to the reality of your true self you experience an infinite flow of love, presence, creative potential and fulfillment.

How do sessions work?

We’ll explore your beliefs, habitual thinking and emotional patterns and use the Method to release what is in the way of your natural potential to thrive and heal. 

In this powerful process you’ll become conscious of your true nature. You’ll let go the burden of trying to ‘do’ your life and improve yourself and enjoy your natural innate potential that arises as healing, happiness, inspiration, love and peace.  

This shift in consciousness opens up as new possibilities and opportunities. Problems or obstacles are seen in a whole new light. Your gifts and purpose in life, relationships and the world are revealed.

Physical and emotional healing happens as you recognize the wholeness of your true nature. Sometimes profound healing happens seemingly all by itself. If treatment choices are needed they become guided by clarity and intuition, not fear and anxiety.

My experience includes working with:

  • Physical and emotional healing.
  • Healing trauma.
  • Business development and financial growth.
  • Relationship building.
  • Spiritual awakening.
  • Clarity about life purpose.
  • Releasing blocks to creativity.


Winter Coaching Special 

I’m offering special rates for my private coaching until January, 31st, 2023.

One hour long session: $215.00 USD (regular rate $225.00 USD)

3 x hour long sessions: $555.00 USD (regular rate $570.00 USD)

6 x hour long sessions: $1050.00 USD (regular rate $1080.00 USD)

Three and six session packages can be paid in installments.

You can purchase as many sessions as you like at the special rate, as long as your purchase is made by January, 31st, 2023. Your sessions can be used at any time within one year of the date of purchase. 

Payment is made via Paypal. You don’t need a Paypal account to make your payment, you can use a credit or debit card. If you prefer to pay by another method, let me know.

Ready to start or have a question?

If you’re interested in working with me fill out the form below. I’ll get back to you for a brief chat to find out a bit more about what you want to achieve and we’ll go from there. If you contact me by January, 31st, 2023 my special rate will apply to your coaching fee

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I’m a financial trader. I had a hugely successful stint in Hong Kong and then took a project in New York but somehow I lost my edge. I began loosing money and within days I was swamped with stress, not sleeping and terrified at failing.  I’d used the Method earlier in my life and reached out for coaching.  Fiona was great, she helped me get back into releasing, but this time at a much deeper level.  When I released with her I literally felt energy moving and expanding in my body as the releases happened. Within a couple of months I was back, my trades got much better and I began better care of myself and my wife. 
~ Adrian

I probably had done thousands of hours of releasing but I was so stuck. I would break out in terrible bouts of anger and then felt really guilty. Fiona was not phased, even though I felt I was a hopeless case.  She had an intuitive way of knowing what releases would help me. I frequently found myself crying (in a good way) or bursting out laughing.  I had no idea that I was in so much resistance to my life. It was amazing how my angry outbursts literally dropped out of my life. It was so freeing. And that was just the beginning.  I then began to look at what bothered me in my life and instead of getting depressed and resistant I began to open up to new things. It’s been life changing to work with Fiona. I’m now on my way to training to be a life coach and have completely paid off my credit card debts because I found a new job – or rather, it found me. So much of my life just seems to fall into place now.
~ Ellie

I now laugh at how much I used to put myself under pressure. I was a constant seeker. I felt trapped by chronic physical pain and guilt in my relationship with my sons. But as I explored who I am with Fiona I began to let go and see through my thinking to the reality that opened up beyond my limited beliefs.  Then, the neat thing is, the changes I’d longed for began to resolve by themselves. My sons began showing up with more maturity and kindness and my body responded better to therapy and bodywork. It’s amazing to experience undeniable, solid inner contentment. It’s like finding your true home.
~ Robin

Fiona has a precise way of illuminating the nature of the mind. I come away from our conversations with a deeper understanding of my true self, liberated from contracted and constricted beliefs. My world has not changed – I don’t have the life partner I’m still open to – but I don’t care that. My experience of myself and life is totally different. I used to feel I was a victim and constantly needed to prove myself to be loved and respected.  But letting go show me that my expectations about what being a lovable person looked like was the cause of my misery.  On the other side of those expectations I’m in love with me!  Not in a selfish way, I just don’t feel there’s something wrong with me any more.  And the relationships I do have are now so much more enjoyable and close. 
~ Michelle