What is the Sedona Method?

The Sedona Method is a series of simple questions to help you let go of painful emotions, memories, resentments, beliefs and negativity that hold you back from enjoying life.

When you let go of emotional, mental and energetic blocks you access your natural capacity to heal and thrive in all areas of your life, to create what you want and love with ease and confidence. 

More than this, letting go reveals that you are not broken and nothing is needed to fix yourself.  Peace, happiness and wellbeing is your true nature.  When you open to the reality of your true self you experience an infinite flow of love, presence, creative potential and fulfillment.

Letting go reduces or eliminates these conditions and more: 




Creative blocks

Physical pain



Ways to Support and Deepen Letting Go

Whether you are new to letting go or an advanced student there are several ways to make your releasing more effective.

Join my free Letting Go Support Calls

The calls are open to beginners and advanced students and practitioners.

Letting Go in a group allows for new learning and increases your capacity to let go in the presence of others.

We start with an opening release and then open the call for questions, sharing and 1-1 facilitation. 

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Individual Coaching

Individual coaching helps at all stages of the letting go journey:

If you are new to letting go and want to accelerate your learning path and avoid common misunderstandings about how letting go works individual coaching clarifies your approach to make it effective.

If you’ve been releasing for a while and feel your releasing has gone stale or is no longer generating results individual coaching identifies what’s missing from your approach and how to take letting go to a new level.

If you feel confident in letting go and want to go beyond problem solving to experience the freedom of your true nature, individual coaching supports you in letting go all the way to experience the freedom and boundless nature of infinite possibilities

I probably had done thousands of hours of releasing but I was so stuck. I would break out in terrible bouts of anger and then felt really guilty. Fiona was not phased, even though I felt I was a hopeless case.  She had an intuitive way of knowing what releases would help me. I frequently found myself crying (in a good way) or bursting out laughing.  I had no idea that I was in so much resistance to my life. It was amazing how my angry outbursts literally dropped out of my life. It was so freeing. And that was just the beginning.  I then began to look at what bothered me in my life and instead of getting depressed and resistant I began to open up to new things. It’s been life changing to work with Fiona. I’m now on my way to training to be a life coach and have completely paid off my credit card debts because I found a new job – or rather, it found me. So much of my life just seems to fall into place now.
~ Ellie

How do sessions work?

Letting go does not require analysis, digging into the past, problem solving, fixing yourself, spiritual ‘work’ or self help techniques.

Letting go helps you see through beliefs that obscure your potential and innate happiness. 

When you are free of limiting beliefs your potential flows into all areas of your life, bringing peace and ease in relationships, health, career, finances and purpose.

This shift in consciousness changes the way you see ‘problems’.  You begin to see all of life as a flow of opportunity rather than an obstacle course. 

My clients experience:  

  • Physical and emotional healing.
  • Freedom from trauma.
  • Strong, loving relationships.
  • Clarity about life purpose.
  • Business development and financial growth.
  • Elimination of blocks to creativity.
  • Spiritual awakening.

Rates for individual coaching

1 x hour long session: $195.00 USD

3 x hour long sessions: $540.00 USD

6 x hour long sessions: $1050.00 USD

Three and Six session packages can be paid in installments. 

Payment is made via credit or debit card.

Interested in coaching or have a question?

If you’re interested in working with me fill out the form below. Let’s meet for an informal chat. I’d like back to to find out a bit more about what you want to achieve and you can ask any questions. If we feel we’re a good match we’ll go from there.  

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New to the Sedona Method and want to find out more?

You can learn the Sedona Method with the Sedona Method online course, the Sedona Method book (available at good booksellers) or with Sedona Method Coaching.   


I was having a mini crisis – I’d been working on a creative project for months, was highly stressed and getting sick. I was moving into the marketing stage and felt crushed by anxiety about how my work would be received. I’d also fallen into a pattern of feeling other people who were meant to help me didn’t understand what I needed and felt on my own.  Fiona’s support has meant the world during this time. Her perspective is totally inclusive. I feel her releases in a very energetic and expansive way. I literally feel lighter for them. Somehow whatever I bring to the session her releases include all areas of my life. We haven’t even talked much about my physical symptoms but I’m feeling better, I’m recovering from set backs quicker and I’m feeling stronger.  The roll out of my album is going smoother than it was and I’m surprising myself by stepping into the gaps that the agency was supposed to handle.
~ Ingrid

I’d been releasing for several years but my releasing practice had gone stale. I wasn’t getting the results I did at the beginning. I just felt I needed someone to show me where I was going wrong. Fiona has been a great help. From the first session I realized that I was putting too much on my practice, I was trying to control the outcome. It was a huge relief to let this go because I had so much doubt in myself which undermined my work life and marriage.  In each session I went deeper into the letting go and felt the shift from letting go in my head to having a full body/heart release. This was pretty amazing and has opened the door for me to trust in my letting go. Work life has gotten a lot better, I’m less intimidated, no longer seeking approval, and able to contribute in meetings. My boss is including me more in decision making.  My home life is more stable and I feel more confident to express myself as opposed to avoid difficult conversations.

~ Dave

I now laugh at how much I used to put myself under pressure. I was a constant seeker. I felt trapped by chronic physical pain and guilt in my relationship with my sons. But as I explored who I am with Fiona I began to let go and see through my thinking to the reality that opened up beyond my limited beliefs.  Then, the neat thing is, the changes I’d longed for began to resolve by themselves. My sons began showing up with more maturity and kindness and my body responded better to therapy and bodywork. It’s amazing to experience undeniable, solid inner contentment. It’s like finding your true home.
~ Robin

I’m a financial trader. I had a hugely successful stint in Hong Kong and then took a project in New York but somehow I lost my edge. I began loosing money and within days I was swamped with stress, not sleeping and terrified at failing.  I’d used the Method earlier in my life and reached out for coaching.  Fiona was great, she helped me get back into releasing, but this time at a much deeper level.  When I released with her I literally felt energy moving and expanding in my body as the releases happened. Within a couple of months I was back, my trades got much better and I began better care of myself and my wife.
~ Adrian

Fiona has a precise way of illuminating the nature of the mind. I come away from our conversations with a deeper understanding of my true self, liberated from contracted and constricted beliefs. My world has not changed – I don’t have the life partner I’m still open to – but I don’t care that. My experience of myself and life is totally different. I used to feel I was a victim and constantly needed to prove myself to be loved and respected.  But letting go show me that my expectations about what being a lovable person looked like was the cause of my misery.  On the other side of those expectations I’m in love with me!  Not in a selfish way, I just don’t feel there’s something wrong with me any more.  And the relationships I do have are now so much more enjoyable and close. 
~ Michelle

Once again,  HUGE THANK YOU for holding these letting go sessions and sharing the recordings.

I like to listen to the recordings whilst I am walking in the countryside and over the last few days I’ve listened to both of the July recordings.  I found both of them so ‘simply’ powerful and somethings resonated for me in each of the experiences shared by all the participants.

Again, I have such admiration of your skill, expertise, knowledge and how profoundly you adapt that to help the person you are communicating with directly as well as it being meaningful for us listening.  Thank you.

Since earlier on this year and more acutely over the last week, I have been experiencing physical pain. However, I am opening to see these physical symptoms as information, rather than there being something wrong with me.  I am choosing to stay noticing and trusting the process.  I ‘noticed’ yesterday the pain created tears but I was aware and felt that the emotional response was something other than a response to the pain.