Question: I’m hurting. First my job went away, then my partner asked for a trial separation and then I fell ill. I feel like curling up into a ball and shutting down.

Response: I get it. When we feel hurt we want to avoid getting even more hurt. But the thing is shutting down cuts us off from the life force that flows solutions.

I’m not saying don’t take down time, or step away from situations that no longer work.

But ask your heart this; “How does it feel to shut down?”

Q: I kind of feel safe, but it feels tight and stressful.

R: Nicely seen. Your mind will always put your safety and security first.

But shielding yourself to avoid getting hurt is an invisible attitude of resistance. And what you resist you feed.

So you might believe you’re keeping yourself safe by shutting down, but in truth you’re cutting off life support.

Q: Yes, I can see that.

R: Consider this; Life is like a river. It flows from the Source all the way to the sea.

Along the way there are calm patches, rough patches, twists, turns, rapids and jaw dropping waterfalls.

But a river always flows to the sea. Just as Life always delivers what we deeply want; to be happy and at peace.

The best way to enjoy the ride is to be open, like a rubber raft. Flexible and buoyant. Not guarded and defended like a tight wooden drum that gets buffeted and bashed.

Our conditioned mind will tell us to withdraw and defend when hurt arises. It’s how we’re trained.

But this contraction is designed to be temporary. When it becomes a habit it turns into suffering.

The feeling of suffering is vital information, not proof of your pain. 

It’s a red flag waving to say; “Hey! you’re getting caught up in insecure thinking. This hard shell needs to break open for you to blossom”.

So explore being open and undefended. Let this moment be an awakening.

Without contraction and protection reality always shifts to reveal wisdom, love and fresh possibilities.

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