These guided meditations are an exploration of our true nature; that we are Awareness/Consciousness.

Many people intellectually understand that we are not defined by or limited by our body or identity. But living this understanding in our life in the world is difficult because the sense of a separate body-mind is a predominant feeling/sensation.

The meditations are not designed to be a ‘practice’. They are an inner contemplation and exploration of the nature of Consciousness.

They help embody the understanding that we are pure Consciousness so that we express our true nature as Love and Peace in all aspects of our life.

The Direction Finder

When we turn inward with consciousness we become guided by our inner compass that reminds us of our true nature; pure infinite being.


A Quiet Mind

A quiet mind is an open mind. Open to hear and sense fresh thought, intuition and wisdom. We don’t need to go anywhere special to experience a quiet mind. A quiet mind lives inside us when we drop out of overthinking.


Dissolve Physical Pain

This meditative exercise teaches how to relax consciousness in the presence of physical pain. As our attention softens the ‘felt’ sensation of pain softens too as we enter into an expansive state of mind.

World Heart Meditation

World Heart Meditation Introduction

We are beings of energy and consciousness. When we increase our awareness of our true nature we become the change we want to see in the world. We come agents of healing and transformation no matter what we do in life. Living in awareness of our true nature is the biggest gift we can give ourselves and the world. Note: the sound quality on this audio is slightly distorted due to original recording on a webinar.

Download here.

World Heart Meditation

Increase awareness of your energetic nature. With greater awareness comes increased physical health, release of emotional tension, increased peace, awakening of your true spiritual nature, enhanced awareness of the interconnectedness of all of Life, at-one-ness with the Source of Life.

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Seeing with Fresh Eyes

We all have the ability to see with inner sight. To see situations and events insightfully. To see with fresh eyes what we could not see before.

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Make Peace with Everything

Do your feelings swing like a pendulum? Cultivate your capacity to make friends with anything and everything. Live in the rock solid center of peace.

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The Flashlight of Consciousness

When our level of consciousness increases our life becomes more vibrant.  And consciousness illuminates the path we’re walking to find our way ‘home’.

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