Do you feel there’s more to life?

I call this feeling the call to wake up. 

It’s Life tapping on the shoulder with an invitation to live fully. To express your highest potential in your relationships, health, work and play. To make a difference by how you show up in the world.  

Sometimes the call comes with obstacles. Feeling stuck, anxiety, depression or ill health.

So you try to fix the obstacle but end up spinning your wheels, frustrated, confused and worn down. 

I invite you to contemplate that obstacles are not problems that hold you back. They hold the key to bring your gifts to life.

Hi, I’m Fiona Moore. 

I help people uncover who they really are beyond their ideas, thoughts, beliefs and fears. 

Instead of trying to fix what appears to be broken we look ‘within’ to the space and place of infinite Consciousness.

This inquiry awakens your true nature that is the source of health, happiness, inspiration, clarity, joy and peace. 

Understanding who you really are beyond your problems is simple and yet changes your life in profound ways. 

When you’re anchored in your true self inspiration, clarity, fulfillment and healing are natural. 

Above all. Simply by being yourself brings love to our world. 


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Live an inspired life.
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