For as long as I remember I’ve been fascinated with what makes human beings come alive.

At five years old when I heard the word ‘evolve’ for the first time an insight burst into consciousness and captivated me.

I immediately knew it meant that we’re not here to evolve more arms and legs. We’re here to evolve in consciousness.  

Growing up I had an instinctive sensitivity to people’s pain. Out of which emerged a deep desire to alleviate unnecesary suffering. My interests naturally gravitated towards the study of psychology, human potential, spirituality and healing.

In my late twenties I started on the spiritual quest in earnest. The catalyst for my ‘seeking’ was born out of personal struggle with depression and a desire to know who I was beyond my insecurities.

Initially I practiced Buddhist and contemplative approaches to meditation which deepened into an understanding of human consciousness, healing and spiritual evolution. Alongside my studies I developed my career in the fields of education, mental health, criminal justice and addictions.

heart_handsTwo events were pivotal.

As a probation officer I worked with a convicted murderer who was deemed  ‘difficult to handle’. One day he told me I was the first person he’d ever trusted. 

In that moment I experienced energy streaming from my hands towards him. We were held in silent timeless presence. Over the next few years he became a ‘success’ by how he re-shaped his life and state of mind. 

A few years later my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He shared that for most of his career he’d worked under the official secrets act because he was involved in the design of nuclear warheads. 

In an intimate moment he expressed regret for using his scientific understanding of energy to create weapons of destruction.

As I listened I had an out-of-body experience. I ‘saw’ his higher self pass a baton to my higher self. The message seemed clear. It was time to share how the energy behind life is infinitely powerful and can be used to create destruction or peace.

I went on to study with leading teachers of meditation, human potential, spirituality and healing. In satsang with Pamela Wilson my heart opened to the realization that peace is not found ‘out there’ but is right here in each moment. 

As my understanding of life deepens I return again and again to an inner knowing that Love is the mystical essence at the heart of every human being. Capable of healing and transforming all forms of suffering into health, wellbeing, creativity and a way of living and being that serves the whole. 

It is my passion to share the principles that allow us to embody our highest potential.  To heal our mind and body, live inside of peace and joy and serve the whole by expressing the essence of who we really are.   

Professional Credentials

  • Masters in Education
  • Masters in Social Work
  • Diploma in Counseling & Counseling Supervision
  • Graduate of Ruth White’s Spiritual Healing School (UK)
  • Graduate of Barbara Brennan School of Healing (US)
  • Ordained Interfaith Minister
  • Certified Sedona Method Coach
  • Graduate of the Jeddah Mali’s Facilitator Training Program
  • Student of the work of Thomas Huebl
  • Graduate of Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy

On a more personal note…

Born in the U.S. and raised in the U.K, I’m steeped the history and culture of Europe and feel at home in the Pacific Northwest where trees, waterfalls, mountains and trails nourish my soul. Reminding me of the power of our true nature that awakens and guides us to live in harmony with with Life and Love.


The first time I spoke with Fiona I walked away knowing that I had been listened to in a way that I had never been listened to before-this being heard in such a soft and gentle way was so very healing.

Fiona helped me see beyond the confines of my mind and step into the space of what is real and true. With her gentle, listening-with-the-whole-of-herself way, she guided me, moment by moment, beyond the layers of old stories, paralyzing fears and perceived limitations, where I learned there was (and is) a just right, love-infused me waiting for my return.


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