Life invites us to wake up. To remember who we really are and express our true self in life.

When we know who we really are; happiness, wholeness (health), love, peace and the expression of our authentic potential happen naturally.



The Call

The call to wake comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s a persistent feeling that there’s more to life than you’re living. Or a longing for deep peace.

At other times it arrives like a curve ball; a relationship breakdown, bereavement, anxiety, depression or illness that are the opportunity to re-assess your life.

For some it comes as an unexpected collapse of the sense of ‘me’ and a temporary immersion in boundless bliss which leads to confusion and loss.  

No matter what has led you here, you may be asking yourself one of these questions:

What am I here for?

What’s the point of life?

How do I find happiness?

Why do I feel stuck?

Why are relationships so difficult?

Why don’t I feel comfortable in my own skin?

What is the message in my illness?

How do I break free from feeling limited?

How do I connect with Truth/God/Love?


No ‘fixing’ required

The recognition of your true nature does not require analysis, digging into the past, problem solving, fixing yourself, spiritual ‘work’ or self help techniques.

You are already whole, complete and awake. 

What is possible is to become conscious of the infinite light of consciousness you already are.

The recognition of who you really are aligns your life, relationships, health, career and purpose with love. You experience being lived by Life, as opposed to struggling or trying to control life.

How do sessions work?

Our work together is a process of unlearning what you’ve learned to be true – to allow the real truth of who and what you really are to break into full awareness.

As you start to question and inquire your beliefs you’ll realize how conditioned thoughts and beliefs lead away from the truth of your being.  This realization recalibrates your entire mind-body-energy system to align your daily lived experience with the reality and potential of your true self.  

As your understanding integrates you’ll see yourself and the world in a whole new light.

Instead of living inside a limited identity called ‘me’, you’ll open to experience the love, peace, wholeness and potential of your true nature.  You’ll be free to ‘be yourself’, free of unconscious, limiting beliefs.  

This shift in consciousness allows your life and the world to open up as new possibilities and opportunities. Your connection with Life as the source of all increases and the burden of ‘doing’ life drops away.

Problems and obstacles fall away as you become rooted in presence and awareness.

You’ll feel enlivened and lived by life – as opposed to trying to control and manipulate your life. Your gifts and purpose in the world become revealed as an expression of Love.

This process is a profoundly healing experience. Sometimes healing of long standing physical issues seemingly happens all by itself. If treatment choices are needed they become guided by clarity and intuition, not fear and anxiety.

We’ll explore:

  • Who and what you really are beyond conditioned thoughts and beliefs.
  • How physical and emotional healing happens.
  • How to connect with the peace, love and happiness of your true nature.
  • How to live aligned with the truth of your being in daily life.
  • How to open to your creative potential.
  • How relationships, health and work align with your potential.

Options for Working Together

3 Session Option: Awaken Now

This option focuses on having, or deepening, a breakthrough shift to become aware of the love, peace, happiness and creative potential you are at your core.  Essentially it allows you to enjoy being and expressing yourself in life.

Some people ‘wake up’ in their first session. Others open gradually from insights gained over the three sessions. 

Follow on sessions are available to integrate this shift in daily lived experience.

Additional support:

Email check-in’s – fine tune your understanding as you go and trouble shoot apparent obstacles.


Three one hour sessions for $540.00 USD or two monthly installments of $277.50 USD.

Payment accepted by credit or debit card.

6 Session Option: Awaken and Transform

This option is designed to create a profound shift in your lived daily experience.  We’ll begin with clarifying or reinforcing your awareness of your true nature. From here we’ll explore how your true potential, free of limiting beliefs, resets your understanding of your authentic purpose and how to express your true potential in all aspects of your life.

You can expect:

  • a profound depth of freedom and ease and enjoyment of being ‘you’ as you move into an expanded paradigm of your true nature.
  • clarity and certainty about your true purpose in life.
  • life altering shifts in your relationships, work life, emotional and physical health.

Follow on sessions are available to continue to integrate and expand this shift in daily lived experience.

Additional support:

Email check-ins – fine tune your understanding as you go and trouble shoot apparent obstacles.

Energy Healing –  Energy healing is subtle yet powerful means to clear energetic blocks that lead to emotional and/or physical issues. If you think you’d like energy healing as a part of our work together, please ask. 

Guest membership of my monthly online Awakening Circle. The Circle is a hugely supportive space where like-minded people gather monthly to share insights and deepen their experience of their true nature.


Six one hour sessions for $1050.00 USD or three monthly installments of $350.00 USD.

Payment accepted by credit or debit card.


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I’d had a successful international career as a ceramic artist but my job was literally making me sick. I knew I was being called to make a big life transition but was scared. I’d studied QiGong for years and wanted to teach but leaving my career felt like walking off a cliff. Fiona was a rock and a beacon. The understanding she shares literally saved my life. Painful memories released and my body began to heal. I gained a new level of trust in Life which catapulted me forward. I now lead QiGong retreats in China and teach in the UK. What previously seemed impossible fell into place.
~ Caroline

I was missing an essential feeling of being present and connected. I’d damaged my spine in childbirth, it was as though my lower body had been frozen ever since. I’d tried all kinds of body work but nothing helped. In one conversation with Fiona I felt energy running up my spine. Within days I was more mobile than I’d been for years.

As I began to understand my nature I began to see how my desire to be a freelance writer, always struggling to make ends meet, fed insecurity. It became obvious to find a job. Although I hadn’t been in the traditional field for over ten years I immediately found a good position. I’m starting to understand what living in the flow actually is.

Fiona helped me to reconnect to my inner knowing that I’m safe and all-is-well. I’m not in that place all the time, but I’ve come to know that Life is on my side.
~ Lisa

Fiona focuses spiritual consciousness in a clear and coherent way so that everything she examines is infused and refined with clear perception. This leads to inspiration and healing. She has a lovely and unassuming persona. It would be easy to miss her remarkable qualities, but go meet with her. I think you will not be the same again.
~ Mark

Fiona is incredibly skilled at walking people through their inner healing working and at the same time holds space so that the understanding of who we really are is completely coherent and applicable to every area of life. Since working with her career opportunities have opened up, not by trying or pushing, which put me at the leading edge of my field.
~ Miko

One of the first questions Fiona asked was if I felt Life was at my back. My answer was an emphatic “No!”. I was a down to the minute planner to make sure everything in my life went to plan. But deep down I was aching for something I didn’t even know what to call.

Now, after exploring who I really am I hardly recognize my old way of being. The experience of freedom and unlimited potential is more and more undeniable and at the same time totally ordinary. Peace, clarity and joy for no reason is effortless and remarkable. My sensitivity to the subtle has opened up and I’m enjoying deeper connections with family and my creative life.
~ Susie