Change can be frightening and sometimes overwhelming. It can be an intense test of patience, nerves and tolerance of uncertainty.

So, when someone says “I’d like things to return to normal”. They usually mean to return to what they’re familiar and comfortable with.

Sounds reasonable, but before we go in search of a time machine let’s examine if it’s possible to go back to the way things were.

There’s a saying; “You can’t step into the same river twice”.

I love this metaphor. It points to an ever fresh, pure source of Life and a continuous flow that might twist, turn and tumble but always ends up at the ocean.

When we flow with the movement of Life, rather than resist or hold on to it, we always end up home. Home being; happy, whole and at peace with ourself, others and life.

For sure, there’s a long human history of standards to encourage us to conform for easy living. Many are highly practical such as all drivers drive on the right. Or is it on the left? Huh, even the norms of driving differ country to country!

Maybe it’s not a time machine we need, what’s called for is a shift in consciousness – a recognition that Life is never ever, moment to moment, the same. There is no ‘normal’ and never has been.

‘Normal’ is an overlay of beliefs that try to nail Life down to suit our wants and preferences.

In this context, crisis is a creative disruption. An invitation to relax our grip and question our beliefs about the way life should be.

As the mind opens we begin to see that trying to hold on to ‘normal’ is as nonsensical as trying to stop the flow of a river – which only creates stagnation.

And trying to force or manipulate Life to deliver what our ego mind wants is as futile as trying to push a river.

Remember, all rivers return to the ocean.

It’s safe and necessary to let go the belief that things will improve when we get back to ‘normal’.

Open to the flow. Become current with the current of Life that knows the way home.

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