Has it occurred to you that this moment is a gift?

The sniffly nose, traffic jam, burst pipe, thunder storm. The fresh from the oven roast, sip of hot cocoa, snuggle with the kids. The cancelled party, broken leg. Heartbreak.  Moment. All doorways to the sacred. To the peace, love and joy of your true nature.

It’s easy to feel the essence of Love in a snuggle or hot cocoa moment, but a broken heart or leg. Hmmm, that’s tough.

What makes all moments a gift?

You might have explored the idea that gratitude cultivates good things in life. And maybe kept an end of day gratitude journal designed to grow an attitude of gratitude.

But here, we’re not talking about trying to feel grateful or trying to grow gratitude.

Take a closer look….gratitude practices tend to reinforce the ego – the ‘me’ that feels grateful for this, but not for that.

The ego cannot be trained to feel grateful for every moment. It’s existence is based on ideas of good/bad, right/wrong, desirable/undesirable.

The gift, the heaven on earth perfection of each moment, is revealed when the ego falls away.

What allows the ego to fall away?

Meister Eckhart, a medieval mystic, said “If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, that will be enough.”

No hefty spiritual practice, positive thinking, trying to feel grateful, faith or belief.  Just thank you.

Not thank you to fake a feeling of gratitude. Not thank you to manipulate an outcome. Not thank you to gain approval.

Just thank you. Plain and simple.

It’s so refreshing. Do-able. Practical.

Not thank you for (fill in the blank). Just thank you. Thank you for no reason.

Yes, thank you for no reason…..it’s so freeing!

Each thank you is an echo of the heart. An amplification of unconditional acceptance at the heart of your Being for every moment regardless of the good/bad opinion of the ego.

Each thank you matures as aliveness, wonder and awe in each and every heartbreak, sniffle, traffic jam, hot cocoa, snuggle with the kids moment. All sacred, wondrous.

Likely the ego will jump in to object….what do you mean thank you for heartbreak and traffic jams. But stay steady. Slide past the suspicion and cynicism of the ego.  Simply say thank you.

Happiness, peace, joy and fulfillment is right here in this and every moment. Thank you gets you here, now, to unwrap the gift.

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