I regularly remind people I work with not to believe anything I say.

This usually prompts a raised, confused eyebrow.

I then say something like: “Don’t trust what I say is true; instead, listen for what resonates and explore for yourself. Resonance reveals deep truth and wisdom within us”.

When a recent client asked:

“How do I put my trust again in a person who hurt me?”

I responded: “You don’t”.

She pushed back (eyebrow raised), saying that her friend was reliable, so she put her trust in him. She expected he would treat her well but was left feeling betrayed and hurt.

I invited her to explore a different idea: trust is not something we package up and give to another person. Trust is found when we understand and experience who we really are.

I invited her to consider what she had already begun to glimpse:

The true self is whole (not separate from love/peace), complete (not lacking) and perfect (not broken).

Nothing and no one can damage or diminish the wholeness and integrity of the true self.

Hurt and unhappiness arise when beliefs of lack and brokenness obscure the truth of our being.

After a pause, my client said she felt calmer and more reassured. She could feel the truth of our conversation resonate within her.

I encouraged her to trust the wholeness of her being and extend trust to her friend, just like a lighthouse extends a beam of light to ships at sea.

The trust we extend is an invitation for others to find their way home – to their true self.

I reminded her that awakening is a journey and her friend may or may not connect with his true self and act with integrity.

Either way, grounded in the true self, the lived experience of being whole and at peace dissolves getting caught up in emotional turmoil. And then, from a place of clarity and love, the way forward reveals itself.

Trust yourSelf. Always.

Your true self will never fail to lead you home.



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