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of your True Nature

The Awakening Circle is an online community with live monthly meetings to deepen your understanding of who you really are.

We explore how to be free of suffering to live with peace of mind, wellbeing and happiness.

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Why Join The Awakening Circle?

Many of us sense that there’s more to life than meets the eye. 

We know at a deeper level that who we really are is an invisible presence or awareness that is free of limitations, patterns and beliefs.

The Awakening Circle is a supportive space to nurture awareness of your true nature. We meet monthly in the company of others who share a desire to know the truth of who they are and how life really works.

This exploration supports spiritual awakening and deep healing. It reveals the peace, freedom, love and joy of our true nature and aligns our life with the unfolding of Love.


Membership includes:

Monthly online live gatherings

Video Q and A: send your questions for a tailored video reflection

Access to growing library of recorded events, guided meditations and healing transmissions

Free trial for 30 days then $25.00 per month

Past and Future Topics

Here’s a selection of recent and future webinar topics.

  • Freedom from Insecurity
  • The Trap of Expectations
  • The Connection Between Healing and Awakening
  • How to Create what we Want and Love
  • Do We Die?
  • Freedom From Addiction

What Happens When We Meet?

Self Inquiry

Self inquiry is a gentle and profound exploration of who and what you really are.

This exploration dissolves identification with the conditioned self to reveal your true nature. Rooted as your true nature your life expresses peace, love, wholeness, compassion, understanding and infinite creative potential.  

Conscious Awareness

Each live meeting opens with a short guided exploration to cultivate your ability to ‘see’ and sense subtle dimensions of Being. This awareness is the foundation for healing and living from your essence. 

Doorways to Deeper Understanding

Most of the live meeting is devoted to your questions, observations and challenges. These are all opportunities to dissolve suffering and reveal the gift your life is to our world.

The Practicalities

Dedicated group

You may be new to the exploration of who you really are, or familiar with self inquiry. Either way, the inclusive nature of the conversation in the Circle means that questions and inquiry brought by each participant resonates and sparks awakening in everyone present.

Monthly live gatherings

We meet online on Zoom (a private, easy to use, online meeting space) every month. You’re able to interact and ask questions and enjoy the group support.

Teaching reflections 

I offer a reflection on the topic of the month in the live gathering. I also invite you to send me your questions between meetings. Your questions are turned into a Q and A video available between our live gatherings.   

Guided meditations

A guided meditation is offered in each gathering to integrate the topic of the teaching and exploration of our true nature.

Free Trial of The Awakening Circle

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Register with your credit/debit card. You will NOT be charged for 30 days. Cancel anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates of the live circle meetings?

Live gatherings happen once a month.  Usually on the third Sunday of the month. At 11 am Pacific. 2pm Eastern. 7pm UK. The live meetings are 75-90 minutes long.

Upcoming dates:

January 17th 2021, February 21st, March 21st, April 18th

How does the first month free offer work?

When you sign up for your trial month you will be asked to create a Paypal subscription with your credit/debit card details. You will not be charged on joining. If you choose to remain a member of the Circle your first monthly payment will occur automatically 30 days after signing up and recur every month following.

On signing up you’ll get an Email asking you to create your private log-in to have immediate access to The Awakening Circle Resource Page. On this page you’ll find recordings of previous gatherings, meditations and bonus seminars.

The first month free offer is available one time.  If you cancel and then re-join the Circle you will be charged the regular monthly rate on re-signing up.


What is the cancellation policy?

There are two ways to cancel membership.

  1. Contact me to tell me you’d like to cancel. Please make your request at least ten days before your next payment to avoid no payment for that month. This gives time to process your request. Thanks! Contact me here:

Can I access the recording if I miss the live circle gathering?

Yes. All live circle gatherings are recorded and made available on the resource page usually within 48 hours of the live gathering.


What if I have another question?

If you have another question please Email me at so I can help.

What People Say

I’ve been a spiritual seeker for pretty much most of my life but my understanding was on an intellectual level and never satisfied me.

Through this work I’ve been able to drop into the spaciousness of pure presence and have the field speak directly to me.

I’m finally ‘getting’ that there is nothing for me to get because I am peace. In the recognition of this decades of habits of seeking are dropping away.


I’d spent years trying to make my life work better but didn’t get very far and I always felt I was missing out.

It took me a while to get used to ‘going within’ but one of the most powerful shifts that happened was the experience of being in the present moment. I’d come across the concept before but the experience is totally different. I feel freedom in the present moment and the experience of being fulfilled simple happens without anything changing.

The fact that all the things in my life that I’d been trying so hard to change gradually and simply fell into place seems remarkable, but from my new perspective completely inevitable.


Even though my life was all good on the outside, it was all struggle and no satisfaction. Now I see that there’s no other way than to roll with what’s happening.

Far from this being giving up on life, I’ve found a peace and calm that is much deeper than what’s on the surface. I really don’t need to struggle. Being with what is happening opens up so much more potential than trying to control life.


One of the first questions Fiona asked was if I felt Life was at my back. My answer was an emphatic “No!”. I was a down to the minute planner to make sure everything in my life went to plan. But deep down I was aching for something I didn’t even know what to call.
Now, after exploring who I really am I hardly recognize my old way of being. The experience of freedom and unlimited potential is more and more undeniable and at the same time totally ordinary. Peace, clarity and joy for no reason is effortless and remarkable. My sensitivity to the subtle has opened up and I’m enjoying deeper connections with family and my creative life.

I was burned out and my spiritual practices no longer worked. I was looking for something to refresh me but didn’t want more practices.

What Fiona teaches is concise and clear and totally not a set of beliefs but a way of seeing what is true. Shortly after the course I saw that so many of my beliefs were ridiculous and this was totally freeing and liberating.

What I took in went directly through my experience as opposed to something I needed to learn. My life is still in flux but I’m experiencing a natural trust and feeling settled inside which allows awareness of what’s unfolding as opposed to trying to control things.



About Fiona

When I was a young child I intuited that we are here to evolve in consciousness. I wasn’t able to put my understanding into words until much later but this understanding translated as a sensitivity to other people’s pain and suffering and I instinctively wanted to help.

By the time I was a teen I had my head stuck in all the books I could find about human consciousness, spirituality, psychology and scientific understanding about how life works.  And as an adult I studied with leading teachers of healing and spiritual awakening.

During my early career I worked in schools, hospitals, prisons and addiction treatment centers. Through my encounters with thousands of individuals I quickly learned what did and what didn’t work to relieve suffering. It was during this time that I began to see that the essence of all of us is pure Love or Consciousness.

Eventually I left conventional work settings and dedicated my life to guide and support people in deep healing work and spiritual awakening. It is an honor and delight to those I work with today wake up to their true self, the light of pure consciousness.


Register for The Awakening Circle. Your first 30 days are free. You will NOT be charged for 30 days

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Register for The Awakening Circle. Your first 30 days are free. You will NOT be charged for 30 days

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