The Mechanics Guide To Reality

(suitable for all readers) A car sputters onto the parking lot. The driver emerges, sweat across his brow. With a harried look he ducks into the mechanic's office and declares; "My car has died. It's terrible. I'll be late for an important meeting. I need your help"....

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Ordinary Magic

Bigger, better, faster, supersized. Todays culture encourages seeking something special that's not here now. Whether it's to excel at work, attain a spiritual high or carve a path for your child to stand out, special-seeking arises from being dissatisfied with what's...

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It’s Not Necessary To Love Yourself

The belief we need to love ourself comes at us from all directions; media, culture, psychology and even spirituality. It seems to make sense - the idea is certainly seductive. The implication is; if you don't love yourself you won't enjoy your life or attain spiritual...

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The Ultimate Guide to Delicious Sleep

In case you're wondering, you are correct. I write and share about how to wake up. To be conscious, inspired by the vast intelligence behind life. So why talk about falling asleep? Well, not being able to fall asleep is a problem for many. And, like all problems, can...

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The Surprising Advantage of Discomfort

I don't know about you but I was taught to believe that discomfort; emotional, physical or both, signals a problem. To be fixed, changed, got rid of, or ignored. No one told me that discomfort contains a treasure trove of wisdom. In today's world of uncertainty and...

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Don’t Chase (after anything)

When I played field hockey, one coach used to say, "Don't chase after the ball, let it come to you." Her advice seemed suspiciously casual but, as with all versions of the truth, her wisdom was a winner. Good things really do appear out of the blue and "fall" into our...

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When The Bubble Bursts

Josh hopped onto the seat and grabbed the steering wheel with both hands. His excitement was palpable. He showed no sign of first time driver nerves. I managed to squeeze into the seat next to him. It was, after all, designed for children. With a jolt the open-topped...

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The Missing Link

"What's wrong with me?" "Why can't I .......'"(fill in the blank). What fills the blank starts out harmless; juggle, crack an egg with one hand, curl my tongue. But then advances to; sing, dance, feel at ease at a party all the way to; stop anxiety, lose weight, get...

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