The Best Decisions Require No Thought

"What the heck should I do?" Said with a furrowed brow and a hint of sweat. For things to go well, it's all about making the right decision. Yes? Hmmm. Let's take a look at decision making and how it happens with ease and accuracy. But first. A story. A true one. He...

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Seeing Through Fear

Challenging times make it difficult to stay steady and clear when decisions need to be made. This video explores how to remain grounded and conscious to see your way through situations that trigger fear and unconscious actions....

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The Right Way To Be Right

When you rest in the happiness of your true nature the gift is obvious. You are less triggered by life's ups and downs and navigate more and more by clear intuitive knowing. But this gift comes with a responsibility - to live your truth with integrity. And this is...

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What to say to children about who they really are

It makes sense when you.... ... begin to hold steady in situations that used to have you fly off the handle. ...stand firm, open and loving when criticized or judged as wrong. ...feel inside every corner of your being that Life has your back no matter what tragedy,...

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Are You Really In Control?

When life looks uncertain it tends to set in motion a domino effect. Uncertainty triggers insecurity, triggers fear, triggers the impulse to control what happens, triggers behaviors to ensure an outcome or avoid an outcome. Lots of triggers = lots of discomfort and...

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Back To The Future

Hi, Happy New Year, Have you been thinking back over last year wondering how to make this year go better. If so, consider taking a cue from the classic sci-fi movie; Back to the Future. In the story lead character, Marty, travels back in time to meet young versions of...

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Unbelievable Potential

How will life be different on the other side of awakening? It's difficult to answer with specifics but what's guaranteed are: peace of mind, happiness, wholeness (health) and the experience of infinite creative potential. Today's video explores the pathway of infinite...

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The Gift Of This Moment

Has it occurred to you that this moment is a gift? The sniffly nose, traffic jam, burst pipe, thunder storm. The fresh from the oven roast, sip of hot cocoa, snuggle with the kids. The cancelled party, broken leg. Heartbreak.  Moment. All doorways to the sacred. To...

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Live an awakened life.

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