When Love Gatecrashed My Mind

I was recently asked: "How do relationships change after awakening?" To my surprise I laughed out loud. Not because the question was insincere, and not because I didn't intend to offer a considered reply. After a pause, clarity tumbled into awareness and a memory...

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End the Blame Game

Person A: "It's all your fault." Person B: "No, it's all your fault." The blame game has begun. Sometimes the game is nothing more than a lighthearted spat. At other times it escalates into a knock-out drag-out war. How did we get here? What's the remedy? The origin...

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Are You Listening?

"You're not listening to me!" Ouch. This kind of ouch goes both ways. It touches the 'talker' and the 'listener'. The 'talker' feels unacknowledged and misunderstood. The 'listener' feels under appreciated and rejected. Painful listening moments undermine the best of...

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The Truth About Unwanted Symptoms

In a fast-paced world sneezes, coughs, sore knees, and elbows are dealt a quick fix to get back to fast-paced living. But when you've tried all the fixes and exhausted what experts say and symptoms persist. What then? Healing becomes possible. This moment of seeming...

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Your Best Self Checklist

Are you true to yourself? If you were to say you're always your authentic self you would be absolutely correct. What you, and we, are is always the eternal, infinite presence of Love. But, this reality is obscured when attention is drawn into habitual, unquestioned,...

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When it’s all too much!

The red maple gracing my backyard is about to burst. As I watch and feel through my kitchen window I find myself wanting to shout, on behalf of the tree, 'It's too much. I can't handle it!" But the unassuming guru called Mother Nature whispers "There's wisdom in...

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Your Super Power

What is your super power? You have a glistening smile? You're a dab hand at brain surgery or a tap dance afcionado? And, what if you have an even super-er-super power? Any guesses? Hint: It's hidden in plain sight. Answer: Your capacity to open. Whaaaat? Yes, your...

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When Inspired Thoughts Don’t Work

How do you know the difference between inspired thought and habitual ego - thought? Between thoughts that align with your heart and soul and thoughts that keep generating the same old results? And what's going on when you follow an inspired thought and it doesn't work...

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