Are you in control of your life?

100% in control?

Not sure?

Take this quick quiz.

Are you doing breathing?

How about growing toe nails?

What about cellular methylation? (BTW. You’d be v. sick without this).

Truth is we’re more like oak trees than master controllers.

The oak tree arrives with basic ingredients encapsulated in an acorn. Then the intelligence behind life (call it what you will) animates, fuels and expresses itself in the form of the oak.

It branches, arches and crowns. And from its majestic height breathes out oxygen and gives safe harbor to 101 species.

Not bad, eh? All from a tiny acorn.

Back to you.

We come in with basic ingredients; DNA, the capacity to learn, communicate, move…. But we get side tracked by the idea (drummed into us) that we’re in control (or should be), and in order to succeed we need to do this, do that, this way not that way.

The basic ingredients we come in with get covered over with ideas, beliefs, expectations, fears, fantasies and we end up dis-eased.

So, when the sap of life wells up, which it will, with the potential to express our unique formulation, the rising sap is put through the mangle of our beliefs and fears. And the ease of growing like the oak is interrupted, distorted and stumped.

If “I’m not good enough” has taken root, that’s what we end up creating. The experience of ‘not good enough’.

If “I’m not worthy” has taken root, that’s what we end up feeling.

If “I’m not lovable” has taken root, that’s what we create.

It can’t be any other way. 

And that’s good news and the bad news.

Bad, because what get’s created has nothing to do with what we think we want and everything to do with our programming. 

And good, because we’re not ‘doing’ the creating – Life delivers up what’s encoded in our beliefs. It can’t be any other way.


Instead of trying to create what you want, failing and blaming yourself.

Turn away from trying to succeed, to get well, to improve. Turn away from the idea you need life to fit your ideas to be happy. Turn away from doing ‘better’.

Each time you turn away the belief ‘I am the doer’ and all limiting beliefs dissolve. For infinite potential to stream through and spill over as freedom, healing, happiness and creativity.

Let yourself be lived by Life doing the ‘doing’. Not the other way around. 

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