Q: There’s so much injustice in the world, what can I do?

A: First, take a look. Are you feeling stirred up with upset, anger or agitation?

In the face of injustice or abuse, feelings of hurt and anger are perfectly human.

I use the word ‘perfectly’ to point to the reality revealed in the heart of human pain, that love is at the epicenter.

Stay with me here.

When human beings are upset or angry the habitual, trained response is to fix or get rid of the discomfort.

Attempts to relieve emotional intensity consist of denial, resistance, blame, protest or push back.

These behaviors might deliver temporary relief but in the end no amount of blame, protest or resistance relieves uncomfortable feelings permanently, or eradicates injustice.

Why? Because what we resist, we feed.

What we protest against, we feed.

What we blame, we feed.

What we deny, we feed.

Q: Are you saying to give in and not try to solve the worlds problems?

A: I’m not giving instructions to do this, or not do that. You’ll do what makes sense to you. We all do what makes sense to us in any given moment. However, consider this……

Feelings, positive or negative, are made of you.

The ‘you’ I’m referring to is True Self you….pure Consciousness/Energy/Love.

True Self You is not a person. True Self You is infinite, boundless potential that brings Life to life.

Feelings, positive or negative, are made of you. Actions, positive or negative, are made of you. And like clouds are made of the sky, feelings and actions, made of you, cannot harm you.

That’s worth repeating. Feelings and actions, positive or negative, cannot harm you – True Self You.

Just like the sky does not resist or block clouds. True Self You does not say “No” to any feeling or action, no matter how intense.

So, when you feel disturbed or agitated by injustice or painful circumstance, turn within. Contemplate who you really are.

Allow your understanding to deepen into an undeniable experience that your essence is Love and unbroken peace.

Then, stand, speak and act from Love.

Simply. Be. You.

Love can stand and speak loud, strong and firm when needed.

Remember; actions from anger and hate feed anger and hate. Whereas actions from love reveal solutions that express peace.

So stand, speak and act from Love.

The world will follow.

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