Person: Hey, God.

God: Hi…

Person: I’m falling apart. Please put me back together again.

God: I’d rather not.

Person: Why?

God: You are not a puzzle, let alone broken.

Person: What? All the pieces of my life are in disarray.

God: Let what’s falling apart fall apart.

Person: I don’t think your understand. I feel like I’m breaking down. The whole world is breaking down.

God: Yes. Breaking down is happening. Simply let this be.

Person: What the (beep) are you talking about. Pardon the strong language but this is really uncomfortable! I’m even frightened to go to the grocery store.

God: The breaking down feeling is a breaking through. The beliefs and ideas you thought were true are breaking open. The cracks are letting the light of the truth of who you really are enter in. You are the Light breaking through, not the pieces on the ground. 

Person: So you’re saying it’s OK to fall apart?

God: Absolutely. The falling apart feeling is a falling back. Back into your true Self. Back into the Love, peace and freedom of your true nature.

Pause, take a deep breath and let what’s falling away fall away. The discomfort is not to be afraid of. Met the discomfort with friendliness and it will dissolve. Stick with this.

Person: I’m scared of making things worse.

God: You can’t make things worse. You, the Light you are, is unbroken.

Let the Light you are reveal the unfolding path. The path that reflects back the Love, wholeness and peace you’ve always been, and always will be. 

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