When I was an undergraduate studying psychology there was a requirement to take a course in statistics. A perfectly appropriate request. And yet, for someone like me who has a mild case of number dyslexia, taking statistics was a bit like trying to ride a bicycle backwards. I was hopeless at it. However, like most people I can sense when something is significant.

Take last week for instance. Within the space of 2 days, 3 separate clients asked me the same question. Can the healing work I’m doing for myself affect others in a positive way?

The Power of Questions

It’s a great question. I often recommend my clients contemplate certain questions to fuel their spiritual awakening. The right question stimulates the movement of energy in your energy field and opens a portal for consciousness to flow into expanded possibilities. As long as, that is, you don’t try to answer the question.

Whenever you try to answer a question your attention, consciousness, becomes concentrated in your everyday mind. This level of your being is great for figuring out everyday tasks but it’s not designed to heal you.

Healing and transformation happens when consciousness flows into frequencies a notch higher than your mental body. First of these faster frequencies is the bandwidth of your heart. From here consciousness connects with information about who you are and what life is really about from an expanded perspective. You begin to see your True Self, a being of light in a sea of energy and light with includes all beings and forms of life.

Live The Question

The key to turning a question into a catalyst for en-lightening you is to ‘live the question’. Meaning, you simply hold the question lightly in mind without trying to answer it. Hold it with curiosity and a sense of openness, without being in a hurry for the answer, and you’ll find that your everyday mind relaxes and allow the question to float up into your heart space.

From here the intelligence of your heart gets to work to weave together a response which will serve not just you but will serve everyone else too. This is because your heart knows there’s no separation between you and the next man, woman, cat, dog, mountain, raincloud, star and far off planet. It’s simply not possible for your heart to deliver a self-serving remedy to a situation.

What Heals in you Ripples Out as Love

When you begin waking up as a being of Love so do all beings. Your enlightened state sends patterns of healing like gentle waves into the universal field. Those closest to you become the first in line to receive the impact of these waves.

If these beings are ready to wake up with you, they will. You’ll notice a shift, a change, a softening within them in the direction of greater love, acceptance, compassion and understanding. It’s different for each person because every being wakes up in a unique way, but the tone is unmistakable.

The Proof is in the Pudding (meaning: something is only True when you experience it)

All three of my clients were familiar with the idea that they are energetically connected to all of Life. Yet, when they noticed unexpected and remarkable shifts in their loved ones they needed confirmation that what they sensed was connected to their own healing was real.

You see, most of our world continues to live in a fear based, “I am separate from you” state of mind. The predominance of fear based thinking has a strong influence. It’s easy for your everyday mind to insert itself and cast doubt on unfamiliar experiences. This is why having guidance to help you interpret the signs of shifting into the “Me and You are One” dimension, is so important.

It’s one thing to grasp an idea intellectually, but it’s only when you experience the Truth directly that you consciously wake up.

Thankfully, You Can’t Go Wrong

What is always and unwaveringly true is that when you heal from the inside you discover that Love is a vibration you already are at your core. It’s not a fleeting state or something to get, give or withhold. Love is your design. You’re designed to radiate Love. This is the beauty of you. Relax. Your own healing can only bring you more joy, peace and expanded possibilities in the shape of Love.

For your heart

Here are three potent questions to hold lightly in your Heart:

1. How could this situation… (fill in the blank) resolve itself more easily than I might think?
2. I wonder how my body could heal more quickly than I might think?
3. Could I be open to not knowing what to do about… (fill in the blank) and open to a new way showing itself?

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