Occupational hazards exist in all professions. I’d say that high on the list for healers is the expectation that miracles will be performed. For some, the word healer conjures up images of crystal waving beings out of a Harry Potter movie, or ideas about dead bodies coming back to life. Whilst I haven’t yet been asked to raise someone from the dead I will say this; miracles are real and they happen more easily than you might think.

Suzy, let’s call her, was a case in point. Without the recommendation of one of her friends and other lack of other options it’s unlikely she would have sought me out. She had what many would describe as a perfect life. She loved her work, was married to a devoted man, felt comfortable in the world and was healthy. However, despite all this success she and her husband hadn’t been able to conceive a child, something they both very much wanted.

Who has the power?

A healer is more like an electrician than anything else. My initial work is to test the circuit board of my clients’ energy system. I want to find out where energy is flowing, where’s it’s not, where it should be flowing and isn’t, and where it’s getting lost.

It didn’t take long to find out that much of Suzy’s energy over the past 2 years had gone in the direction of physician visits, medical tests, hormone, vitamin and mineral therapy, psychotherapy and more. Her husband had also undergone numerous investigations. All had come to nothing. Medically speaking the couple were perfectly able to conceive. However, the spark needed to create a new life wasn’t happening and Suzy was now in the market for a miracle.

Power Is Always Within

In her desire to find out what was preventing a pregnancy Suzy had unintentionally given her power away. Every time a treatment protocol didn’t work she concluded she was a failure and needed to try harder. And every time she made this conclusion she dimmed down the energy flowing through her core, particularly at her power center, her solar plexus. This diminishment of her energy flow was preventing her body from performing at its’ best.

It’s not that looking to experts and sources of outside help is wrong or ineffective. When something isn’t working turning to a fresh source of inspiration is often the catalyst for healing. It’s just that in our fix it, solve it culture we’ve come to expect that there’s a remedy ‘out there’ for pretty much every ill. Sadly what this belief fosters is a lack of trust in the healing power within us. If turning to outside help means that we turn away from our own core we disempower ourselves. This makes it harder for our bodies to heal.

In reality your body is like a walking pharmacy. When you’re connected to higher guidance you’re constantly downloading instructions to manufacture the exact biochemistry you need for physical health. If your body is lacking in essential ingredients and can’t make the healing formula itself, your higher guidance will lead you in the direction of what you need in the outer world, accurately and consistently, without draining yourself energetically.

Plugging In

You can pre-dispose your body towards the occurrence of miracles. One way to do this is simply to be conscious of your existence. Consider the workings of your physical body for a moment. The intricacies of the operation of your body is mind boggling. There are gazillions of finely tuned biochemical, hormonal and electrical interactions occurring every nano-second.

Although it’s not possible for your physical senses to see or measure all these interactions, it is possible to have awareness and appreciation for the vast intelligence at work within you. The key here is to hold conscious awareness. Pure conscious awareness is divine consciousness. The more the light of consciousness is present within you, the more you are connected directly to higher guidance, and the more your being is predisposed for the divine to intervene on your best behalf.

It’s All About How You See Things

Whilst the language of energy was new to Suzy she already knew what it felt like to be in the in the driving seat of her life. When she became aware of giving her power away she quickly understood the importance of making adjustments in how she related to her doctors and treatment options. Suzy learned how to become conscious of how she flowed energy, and how to recognize and correct giving away her power.

As Suzy discovered how to focus her attention in her heart she gained clarity on what treatments felt right to her. She became confident in her own healing ability and took ownership of her decisions. Each time she made a treatment choice that felt consistent with her hearts’ guidance she felt freer and lighter.

Within a month or so she’d reduced much of the medication and hormonal support she’d been taking. She was in touch with the wisdom of her body and felt nourished by a growing conscious connection to her heart. Desperation and disappointment gave way to a sense of healthy anticipation.

The Miracle

4 months later when Zach was conceived Suzy might, given the state she was in when we met, have considered this a miracle. Instead, the beginnings of a new life within her felt completely inevitable and blessed. Which only goes to show that the best miracles are always those which seem natural, because they are.

*not her real name

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