I don’t know about you, but I really dislike being jolted awake by the sound of an alarm clock. And whilst I can normally wake up by setting my inner clock, dark winter mornings are a challenge.

So this past winter I conducted an experiment. Instead of having my alarm clock as a backup I bought a wake up light. I would set the light to come on at my desired hour and about 30 minutes before time the lamp would start lighting up in increments simulating sunrise.

It worked! Waking up this past winter has been heavenly. On some mornings I literally woke with a smile on my face thanks to the wake up light stimulating energy boosting hormones in my brain. (By the way, this isn’t an advertisement but if you’re interested in conducting your own experiment the light I use is a Philips Wake-up light).

What if waking up to your potential could be smooth and de-lightful?

When Life Wants Your Attention

Life, divine intelligence – whatever is your word for Love, is constantly nudging, whispering and encouraging you to grow and expand into your wellbeing. And, the intelligence of Love knows how to achieve your joy and fulfillment in a much more energy efficient and enjoyable way than any plan your mind has.

However, habits and old programing often create an invisible sound barrier. You might be holding on to what’s familiar, avoiding making necessary changes or want things to stay the same. The trouble is these postures prevent you from hearing the wisdom of your heart.

So what happens when we don’t pay attention?

Life Sometimes Creates A Crisis

Illness, a motor vehicle accident, your shoulder going out, sudden loss of a job… the list goes on. Any one of these events is a shock and more than a little inconvenient. And yet, if you’re open to the possibility that events such as these might be a wake up call you’ll begin to strike gold.

Once the initial numbing effects of shock are taken care of the emotional, physical and mental challenges that often follow cause familiar holding patterns in your energy field to shake loose. It’s as though cracks appear in your field, and when this happens light starts pouring in.

Another way of saying this is, in times of crisis, as long as you’re open to the experience, messages from your higher self reach more deeply into you. When this happens you’re poised to hear, sense and discern more accurately what your heart is trying to tell you to achieve greater peace and purpose.

Yes, but is there a way to avoid the upset of crises?

Waking Up Without An Alarm

It is possible when going to sleep to set an intention to wake at a certain hour and your body will respond. This may take some practice but the point is this, there is a way to pre-dispose your being to sense the messages from your higher self and avoid the need for crises to wake you up.


3 Easy Steps To Avoid Unnecessary Wake Up Calls

1. Cultivate an attitude of Curiosity. Look upon life, especially what’s routine to you, or is challenging in some way, with curiosity. This posture invites an open mind, and an open mind is more flexible, able to be agile and responsive to new information.

2. Notice where, how or when you feel under pressure. Don’t try to push through. Pressure indicates stress which needs alleviating, or subtle resistance to messages from your heart. Listen to the pressure to find out what’s behind or underneath it.

3. Open to a wider view. Imagine your life as seen through a wide angle lens. See how the sense of you becomes more expanded. When you consider your life not simply as a personal matter but belonging to an evolving whole you access a higher level of inspiration.

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