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A car sputters onto the parking lot. The driver emerges, sweat across his brow. With a harried look he ducks into the mechanic’s office and declares; “My car has died. It’s terrible. I’ll be late for an important meeting. I need your help”.

The mechanic barely looks up from his newspaper. Takes another bite of sandwich, lifts his feet off the corner of the desk, leans forward to rummage in his top draw.

“I’ll be with you in a minute, don’t you worry.”

The driver, wide-eyed, is worried. Very worried. His mind casts worse case scenarios into an imagined future sending his nervous system into shock.

The mechanic, standing, flashlight in hand says “Alright, let’s take a look”.

The driver, amped up in fear and dread, fails to notice the calm demeanor of the mechanic. Has no awareness that the mechanic lives in a radically different reality.

Car hood propped up, the mechanic peers into the sooty engine, his flashlight spot-lights this, then that. Occasionally he gives out a grunt, nothing more.

The driver fidgets, shifts his weight from one foot to the other. For him, time is passing dread-full-y-slow.
Then, with a burst of energy, the mechanic announces “Got it!”.

“No wonder your car broke down. It couldn’t work. Not with this spark plug, filter, and that loose connection. We’ll get you back on the road in no time.” All said with a huge warm smile.

Of course, there was a little bit of time needed to replace the defunct engine parts, but the repair that unfolded bore no relationship to the worse case scenario that gripped the driver.

What does this tell us?

Life always, all-ways, invites us to live in reality. The reality that Life has our back. The reality that all is well, no matter how circumstances appear. The reality that opens up infinite possibilities for creative generative solutions to express.

How do we live in reality?

Let’s compare.

The Driver: Life lived from the perspective of the separate, ego, self:

Is disturbed when events don’t go to plan.
Is quick to identify ‘problems’.
Lives in the past and future.
Associates success with meeting expectations.
Fears the worst.
Lives in mild to extreme stress.
Tries to figure out and control life.
Links happiness to events, other people and circumstances.
Is rarely at peace.

The mechanic: Life lived from the perspective of Awareness, Presence, Love:
Is open minded.

Curious when things happen, no matter if they ‘go to plan’ or don’t.
Lives in the present moment.
Feels fulfilled regardless of expectations.
Trusts life to take care of the future by opening up pathways of possibility.
Experiences a regulated, nourished nervous system.
Treats life as an adventure.
Engages with life with openness and curiosity.
Is happy for no reason.
Is rooted in peace.

Where-ever you are, in ease and flow or sputtering along. Trust what is happening is for you, not against you.

Be open and curious. Allow problems to be portals. Step into reality – that all is well, no matter how things appears on the surface.

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