Here, in the northern hemisphere, the Winter Solstice is upon us.

I love this time of year….the depth of the night sky and stars that pierce the night.

Instead of getting busy with holiday events, I’m drawn to slow down and turn inward – to the axis, the heart, around which all healing, transformation, and growth turns.

It’s easy to get lost in the skirmish of too many ‘to-do’s’. To overshoot enjoyment and end up exhausted by overindulgence.

At some level, we all know this, but cultural norms make it difficult to honor the symbolic power of this dark time of the year; the stage of death that precedes renewal and re-birth in the new year.

So let’s make this easy.

Turning Point: Inward

Turning inward is as simple as pausing, even for a second, before rushing into action.

One simple pause invites your mind-body to reset. To calibrate to the present moment. To return to love.

A deeper dive into healing alchemy happens when you turn inward towards what feels dark or disturbing.

Turning Point: Take Stock

Gently take stock of what may have accumulated during the year; grief, loss, disappointment, anger, emptiness, sadness, heartache, resentment.

Don’t try to rise above what hurts in the name of being spiritual.

Instead, move towards the earthy embodied feelings of pain and hurt. Be drawn into this darkness by the inner light shining in the heart of pain.

Turning Point: Be, Invite, Allow

Boldly, patiently be with inner darkness. Just as you would be with a friend in pain who asks you not to fix them but to simply sit with them.

Invite the fragments of pain pushed beyond the edges of consciousness home.

Allow the unconditional loving presence that you are to transform, heal and restore the broken, denied, exiled pieces of your Self.

Your heart is totally at peace with the imperfections of your life. So go ahead, love all of you.

Return to your original nature – compassion, love, peace, and joy.

New growth happens from this integration to rise stronger, wiser, kinder.

I’ve included a short guided meditation to turn inward to the love you are. Click the button below to access.

Click here for Being Love Meditation 

However you celebrate the turning of the year, I’m wishing you peace and joy. And I’m looking forward to reconnecting in the new year with details of a new online course.


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