Bigger, better, faster, supersized. Todays culture encourages seeking something special that’s not here now.

Whether it’s to excel at work, attain a spiritual high or carve a path for your child to stand out, special-seeking arises from being dissatisfied with what’s here now.

What is here right now is typically overlooked. Ordinary is considered dull, humdrum. Earthly, not spiritual and definitely not special.

Walking the dog, driving to work, doing the dishes…..

What if the truth is that ordinary moments open our eyes and ears beyond the hypnotic drone of bigger, better, special, to stun us with delight?

Consider this; the appearance of what’s here now is not determined by what is actually here now. The appearance of anything is determined by the nature of your thoughts and feelings projected onto the here-now.

For instance, if a glass of water is half full everyone would perceive it as half full. But the same glass appears half empty to the next person, or to yourself, depending on how you’re feeling.

When we take our projections to be true, even if a projection is hopeful, such as perceiving the glass is half full, projections are projections.

Reality, on the other hand, is what remains when projections, assumptions, expectations and beliefs fall away.

In reality there is a glass containing water and regardless of whether the mind projects the glass is half full or half empty, either way there is a glass and water to drink.

Life invites us to see is that actual reality goes beyond how things appear, beyond the mundane and ordinary, to reveal the extra-ordinary.

The pathway to extra-ordinary reality is to stop. Stop looking for a bigger, better, faster, special this or that.

The poet Rumi put it like this;

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

When seeking what’s not here now stops, you become conscious of all the ways you resist what’s here. All the ways you numb yourself from fully feeling and accepting what’s here. Distract yourself. Filter out what you don’t want to see, hear, feel.

To consciously see emotional and psychological barriers that filter out reality is to dissolve them.

In the absence of filters and projections, what’s happening now, no matter how seemingly mundane to the mind, reflects the beauty and love of our true nature.

To live in reality is to live in wonder-land.

Walking the dog becomes a touchstone for knowing love in physical form.

Driving to work becomes an exercise in stillness within the appearance of movement.

Doing the dishes becomes a mantra in service of cleanliness and harmony.

When we live in reality, love is all there is, and what’s here now is exactly what we want and need.

What could be better than that?

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