“It feels as though my life is falling apart. What should I do?” emailed a client. “Let it” I emailed back.

Granted, I knew the client and what inner resources he could draw on. But, even if I didn’t know him, my response would essentially have been the same.

True healing is never in the direction holding on to how things used to be. And letting go of what’s familiar, even when we intellectually know things are no longer working, is one of the biggest challenges on the path of awakening.

Trust YourSelf

In my 20’s I had the opportunity to go sky diving. But before getting anywhere close to an airplane I was required to learn how to operate a parachute and land softly and safely.

The parachute landing fall teaches you how to hold awareness in your body so that the body’s natural reflexes cause it to curl as it hits the ground, softening the impact.

Similarly, when upset or challenges occur in life what’s needed is not to become tense, rigid or try to hold things together. What’s important is to hold consciousness steady in your being.

When you hold consciousness steady, throughout your physical and subtle energy bodies, you create a conduit which draws on spiritual intelligence and you intuitively know how to navigate in the direction of your highest interests.

Trust the Process

When there’s pain or challenge, many people come to the point where they say; “I can’t do this on my own, I need help”. This is a hugely important moment. It’s when the divine impulse to wake up breaks through into awareness, and ignites the possibility of releasing consciousness from being bound to a limited identity or set of beliefs.

Where the journey into wholeness and wellbeing becomes tricky, is when the unraveling of old patterns feels destabilizing. It can feel uncomfortable to lose your sense of identity. It’s not uncommon for me to hear clients say something like, I don’t recognize myself anymore! Sometimes this is said in delight and other times it’s said with anxiety.

Either way, this is when I usually say ‘trust the process’. Your willingness to trust the exact way your experience unfolds, helps you discern from the myriad possibilities existing in Life’s invisible field of intelligence, what will help your unfolding cleanly and powerfully serve Love.

The Landing

My client? After practicing being present with his discomfort, consciously meeting contractions in his field all the way into his body and subtle energy, he went forward with curiosity. 3 days later, during his regular workout, he had a sudden and complete insight about how to handle a distressing family matter in a completely fresh way.

And the sky dive? Interestingly, after several hours of perfecting a parachute landing fall, my body wisdom prompted the realization that I was doing the sky diving because my friends were, and what I truly wanted was to learn how to sail. So, I switched classes and couldn’t have been happier.

Your inner wisdom will always show you a more loving way.

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