When Ellen* came to me wanting help to decipher her hearts guidance she was surprised at the outcome.

For months she’d been sensing two very different impulses. One – that it was time for her to move to new home in the country. The other – to landscape her back yard, a narrow strip of garden under her kitchen window.

Moving house was a big deal. She’d lived happily in the city for 14 years and yet every time she imagined living closer to nature she felt her energy expand, a signal from her field that this was a change in the direction of new possibilities.

Landscaping her backyard also felt good. To Ellen’s mind however, the two options were contradictory. If she was to move, what was the point of investing in her yard? The idea prompted a cascade of reasons why not… it was expensive, a hassle, time consuming and her realtor said it wasn’t necessary.

Love’s Intelligence Is Never Either, Or

Sometimes, when you’re attuned to higher guidance it’s as though a red carpet rolls out. The way is obvious and smooth. At other times guidance presents more of an obstacle course. In these instances it’s important not to mistake the obstacle course for a reason not to follow it.

When Ellen allowed both impulses to feel as good and as true as they did, when she stopped trying to make sense of seeming opposites, she began to feel more centered and grounded. It became clear that she needed to trust and follow both courses of action.

The landscaping job was messy, and disruptive. But, in the process, Ellen rediscovered a joy in creative design and witnessed a narrow and cramped space transform, into a spacious and beautiful outdoor room. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the project, she began to feel even lighter and more optimistic about her move.

Life Flows as One

On the day the realtor put up the for sale board a woman cycling past stopped and asked if she could see the apartment. Apparently over the past 3 years she’d tried to buy two similar properties on the street but strange events had prevented the sales. She’d almost given up hope.

Ellen gladly showed her around and ended by opening the door to the garden. Stepping outside the woman gasped “This is exactly how I’d pictured my backyard!”.

For Ellen, landscaping her yard was neither a ploy to entice a buyer, nor a rash act. It pointed to the promise contained in her guidance; to move out of what had become a cramped existence into a more open relationship with herself and life.

Needless to say, the sale went smoothly. No lengthy negotiations, no worry, no stress. Ellen learned that when she is willing to trust the intelligence of her Heart and take action in alignment with inner guidance, Life takes care of the rest.
*not her real name.

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