The first thing that struck me about Alice* was the way she thought outside the box. She could see connections and opportunities others couldn’t. It was an ability which helped her rise to the top of her profession while sidestepping much of the posturing the corporate environment expected of her. 

Her life was full of accomplishments. She’d raised 3 children, mourned the loss of her first husband, found love with another. Then she received news that she had 3rd stage cancer.

The second thing that struck me, was her wisdom in knowing that acceptance was the key to her healing.

What You Resist Persists

When something unwanted happens it’s understandable that your first thought is to change it for the better. At the heart of this impulse is the heightened perception that wholeness is the basis of life, and anything other than wellbeing is an illusion.

However, the moment you adopt an attitude of wanting things to be different from how they are, you create patterns in your energy field of non-acceptance. And, non-acceptance, is opposite to unconditional love, the greatest healing force within you. In short, it’s a bad posture for the best outcome.

The Moment That Changed Everything

Alice* instinctively knew that her body was full of healing intelligence. Yet, she was bombarded with the opinions of physicians who seemed to fall out the woodwork, telling her what treatment she should undergo. A cocktail of emotions running through her with the shock, she floundered. Alice knew this was not the time to make a significant, irreversible decision.

Instead of running with the agenda of her physicians, or allowing fear to underpin her choices, she went home to contemplate. In that moment everything changed.

Within days Alice noticed a memory surface. A few weeks back, whilst surfing the web, she’d run across a page which talked about a practice of letting go, called the Sedona Method. She was intrigued, but didn’t think any more of it.

This time, her intuition told her this is what she needed to help heal the cancer.

Long Story Short

Within a few more days she discovered me, a practitioner of the method, and began her healing journey. In full consultation with her doctors, she chose to delay immediate surgery, to focus on natural healing methods and letting go.

Two months later her tumor had shrunk by two thirds. She underwent surgery, which went cleanly and successfully, and recovered in record time.

The Motto?

Alice’s decision to not rush into trying to fix or change her situation, but to trust her inner healing intelligence was critical. But, just as relevant, is that this intelligence doesn’t reserve itself for a few lucky folks.

It’s available to you and everyone. It’s the energy and consciousness which grows your finger nails, births stars and governs your DNA.

The doorway to accessing this intelligence lies in your ability to cultivate openness and acceptance to the way things are. This posture connects you with loving intelligence at your core, here, right now.

*not her real name.

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