One of the first things I tell people, who come to me with physical health issues, is that healing is not the same as curing, and their physical issue is not the main event. This kind of statement is usually met with puzzlement, followed by a question like “then what can you help with?”.

When I started out as a professional healer I wasn’t so upfront and bold, mainly because I knew that cures happened through healing work. And they still do. It’s just that now I know that there is a deeper reality than so called ‘perfect health’. A deeper and more fulfilling reality.

There Is Never Anything Truly Wrong

In my experience, the sooner you grasp that there is nothing wrong with you, or going wrong with you, even when it appears something is wrong, the sooner your inner healing intelligence will get to work. And the wider intelligence in the field of Life’s energy will get to work on your behalf. By ‘getting to work’ I mean, your energy and life will move in the direction of what helps you see the Truth. That you are already, and always will be, a state of wholeness.

Contain Not Fix

When you learn to let go of wanting to fix your body (or your emotions, or your life) you begin to lean into your true nature, your inner wholeness. This is like basking in a sea of Light and Love. And these agents, Light and Love, are what heal.

The more you let go wanting to fix your situation the more you become a container within which the agents of Love and Light reveal insights, actions, non-actions, shifts in perspectives and new experiences which make the Truth crystal clear; that you are safe, loved, whole and complete. Just as you are.

Truth Goes Both Ways

When Alan, a dear mentor, realized that trying to fix his body was only making him more sick, he let go and relaxed into deep profound contentment. He literally radiated light. Peace flowed out of every pore of his fading body. Everyone who came to say goodbye was touched by his light. It was almost tangible.

When Patty, a sensitive intuitive soul, gave up struggling with chemotherapy she discovered newfound peace in surrendering to the unknown. And, she noticed her body began to recover, all on its own. Simply by learning to listen, nurture and love it.

Healing Is Guaranteed

I often say that cures are a by-product of healing. Meaning, healing… the realization you are perfect just the way you are… is always available, if you allow it. Cures, when they happen, are a by-product of healing. And, when you know that you are whole, complete, just as you are, the likelihood of a cure is increased. Not as a result of an agenda you might have, certainly not out of wanting to control your body. But because knowing that you are already whole and complete is a highly potent state of being which is supportive of Life.

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