It’s that time again. To join that gym, begin that diet, plan to do better than last year.

I don’t know about you but resolutions have never made sense to me. At least not the kind that follow cliches such as;

There’s no gain without pain.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to give your best to a project. More that we only need to contemplate an acorn to realize that the desire to achieve great things is natural.

I’m using the word ‘natural’ to mean; intrinsic to our being, not something we need to manufacture.

So, if the desire to accomplish great things is natural, surely the best preparation to achieve success is to be clear about what success is and how it happens.

What drives you to succeed? Take a moment and inquire.

Ask yourself why you want to achieve this, or that.

Keep peeling through the layers.

Deeper than plausible and laudable reasons you’ll likely find that what you truly desire is to be happy, fulfilled, secure and at peace.

If this is the case, there are two pathways for success:

The habitual, conditioned route.

And, the direct route.

The conditioned route is based on two fundamental beliefs:

We are in control of our life.

We are separate from and lack what we desire.

This approach generally requires puffed up motivation, feeling burdened to ‘get it right’, effort and push. Coping strategies for doubt and flagging motivation, plus more effort and more effort.

If, at some point, success is declared, rather than being a soft landing it is more like balancing on a thin line between success and failure. Which requires more effort to hold onto success.

The direct route is radically different.

It is founded on the realization that who and what we are now, now and now is whole, complete and fulfilled by simply existing.

Pause to take this in.

Imagine knowing you are whole, complete (lacking nothing), happy (for no reason) and open to an infinite stream of creative potential.

Now imagine an idea arises to create this or that. Notice this idea does not arise from a sense of lack or unworthiness.

It arises as intuition and insight. It needs no amped up motivation to move it forward.

Your impulse to create is the desire to share the essence of love you are and unique potential alive as you.

And, because you know you are already, and always are, whole and complete this desire is not burdened by anxiety to fail or succeed.

Is this you?

Are you free of the conditioned beliefs that success makes you complete?

Are you ready to live and love with all your heart knowing your wholeness and worth is never on the line?

Stay tuned. I’m with you all the way, ear to the ground, as we continue to explore the truth of who we really are.



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