Kate came to me with a frozen shoulder and was surprised to find an emotional and spiritual cause.

It turned out Kate had experienced an intermittent frozen shoulder for almost as long as she had been dating. Just a coincidence? Not when we examine life from the perspective that everything is connected. In the context of spiritual awakening every aspect of life is a potential doorway opening to what we need to heal and live into our highest potential.

Disheartened after fifteen years of failed relationships Kate was certain her problem was to do with intimacy. “Why can’t I meet the right man?” she asked. Kate was attractive, loved life, longed to have a family but ended up dating men who either failed to be a match for her zest for life or ended the relationship when the conversation turned to starting a family.

Listen to what’s frozen

I asked Kate about her frozen shoulder. She felt the same kind of resignation about her shoulder as she did about her relationships. She’d tried this treatment and that treatment but nothing had resolved the pain.

I then asked her about her experience of life in general. She shared that she enjoyed being self-reliant but sometimes found tired the weight of her responsibilities a burden and wanted a partner to share the load.

Connecting the dots

Kate’s description of her relationship to life and finding a mate was beginning to sound a lot like her experience with her shoulder. She couldn’t rely on her shoulder and nor could she find a man to support her.

When this kind of similarity occurs it points to the possibility that the body has something to say. Our bodies can’t talk with words talk in symbols. Kate’s feeling of being tired of holding up responsibilities was mirrored in her shoulder.

Deep down in the cells

To connect with messages in the body requires extending consciousness held in cellular memory. This is not as difficult as it might sound.

In a couple of guided processes Kate came face to face with buried memory held around her frozen shoulder. What surfaced both surprised her and simultaneously made complete sense.

She saw how mother, grandmother, great grandmother and two more generations had either lost their spouse to early death or had been abandoned. In every case the women had been left to raise children on their own.

From shock to melting

Kate inhaled deeply as the realization dawned on her that her inability to find a mate concealed a fear that if she found someone to love and start a family he would either die or leave her to fend for herself.

As Kate stood in witness to her past a well of compassion rose up for the struggle and strain her mother’s line had endured. Waves of tears followed and then relief. Kate’s courage to fully face her pain released stuck energy in her body and her life and all the way into her ancestral line.

Over the next six months Kate treated her shoulder to gentle yoga and body work. This time she gradually regain mobility. More than this, Kate knew that she was now free of repeating history. She felt fresh optimism for finding a partner, someone who she could lean on and open her heart to.

A note of caution: in my experience messages held in the body are never cookie cutter messages. Our body is an amazing sophisticated system. It doesn’t help to turn physical ailments into a kind of A – Z dictionary. If we look for a stock answer our clarity is blurred. It’s best to have an open mind to our body-mind intelligence. This ensures that we gain the clearest and most accurate information for healing and spiritual awakening.

Fiona Moore is a Transformative Coach, Teacher and Consultant. She draws from a non-dual understanding to help her clients wake up to their true nature and intrinsic wellbeing to live inspired awakened lives.

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