Shoulder pain and immobility can signal emotional, spiritual and energetic imbalances calling for change.

According to healing consultant , Fiona Moore, shoulder pain is like a tap on the shoulder to wake up to your gifts and express yourself more fully in life.

She shares this example from her work.

Kate came to me for help to heal a painful frozen shoulder. It seized up about the time she started dating.

Just a coincidence?

Not when we hold the perspective that physical issues are connected with our emotions and spiritual life.

The message in the pain

I asked Kate how she felt about herself and life.

She enjoyed being self-reliant but found the weight of her responsibilities a burden and wanted a partner to share the load.

She had tried many different treatments for her shoulder pain with little or no success.

Similarly, after fifteen years of on and off relationships Kate was disheartened and concluded she had a problem with intimacy.

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Connect the dots

Our physical bodies can’t talk with words, they talk in symbols.

Kate’s attempts to find a mate sounded like her experience with her shoulder. She felt burdened by life and couldn’t rely on her shoulder to hold up. Nor could she find a man to partner with and lean on for support.

Kate’s body was telling her that her shoulder pain was a wake up call.

Deep down in cellular memory

In a gentle inquiry Kate came face to face with a buried memory. What surfaced both surprised her and simultaneously made sense.

She saw how mother, grandmother, great grandmother and had either lost their spouse to early death or had been abandoned. In every case the women had been left to raise children on their own.

From shock to melting

Kate inhaled deeply as the realization dawned that her inability to find a mate concealed a fear that if she found someone to love and start a family with he would either die or leave her to fend for herself.

As Kate stood in witness to her past compassion rose up for the struggle and strain her mother’s line endured. Waves of tears followed and then relief. Kate’s courage to fully face her pain released a pattern of energy in her body. A shift that extended into her life in general and down her ancestral line.

Over the next six months Kate treated her shoulder to gentle yoga and body work. This time she gradually regained mobility and dissolved pain. More than this, Kate knew that she was now free of repeating her past relationship history. She felt fresh optimism for finding a partner she could lean on and open her heart to.

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Fiona Moore is a healing consultant and awakening coach. She shares a simple, profound understanding about who and what we really are and how life works which allows us to live with health, happiness, purpose and peace of mind.

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