Making middle school science interesting was once my job, many moons ago. And there was one aspect of the curriculum which never failed to grab the attention of even the most disinterested pupil. Looking through a microscope for the first time.

Suddenly something as ordinary as a piece of onion skin opened up to reveal strange and wonderful worlds within worlds.

The cause of fascination was not so much that the biology book now made sense, it was more that something that had been labeled as either dull or boring unexpectedly came to life in marvelous 3D.

The question this leads to is: are you looking at life through a microscope or a telescope?

The Telescope Approach

This approach teaches you to imagine what you’d like your ideal life to be like, picture all the things that you want, think big, and even bigger. Then imagine it’s happening now and step towards it. The idea is that you energetically draw your imagined future to you. Maybe this has worked for you, and then again maybe not.

The problem with the telescope approach is that all too often what’s imagined as ideal arises out of a perception of lack – that you don’t have what you want. The aspect of your being which thinks in this way is your conditioned ego mind. In the eyes of the ego there is only having or not having, happiness or unhappiness, and so on.

And, whether your ideal happens to materialize or not, if you’re creating your life out of a perception of lack, nothing will truly satisfy because you’re already whole and complete. There is no real lack. There is only unawareness of your completeness.

Your Fulfillment is in the Small Print

Your soul is seeking fulfillment, that’s for sure. I tend to think that every soul incarnates with a check list. And yet, what constitutes a checked box is not simply what you create in the realm of form, such as material wealth, or subtle forms such as professional status. What counts is the degree to which you achieve alignment with your heart in the process of living your life.

Alignment with your heart brings your multidimensional being into a coherent state; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This state attunes you to the present moment where the exact instructions for peace, health and abundance exist energetically. This information is far more sophisticated and much simpler than your ego mind is designed to understand, let alone carry out.

Instead of looking out to the horizon for what you think makes you happy, pay attention to what’s going on around you and within you now. Look at ordinary events through the magnifying glass of wonder. There is another world right here within this one, invisible to your physical eyes and yet alive and readable by the senses of your soul.

Whilst it takes practice to decipher the field consistently we all possess the ability to read nonphysical energy. Your focused wonder illuminates divine intelligence and, by adding trust to what you sense, you will know what to do or not do to create all that fulfills you, without struggle, effort or over-reaching.

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