Awakening is a path of letting go.

The path unfolds as you let go of beliefs about who you think you are, especially the belief that who you are is a separate person in a body.

Sincere letting go may, at some point, become disorienting because you’ll feel like you don’t know who you are any more.

This is good news, it’s the tipping point where your conditioned identity is falling away to allow your true Self to emerge.

The Struggle to Let Go

The surprising thing about letting go is that it’s completely natural. Daily life is sprinkled with sacred openings into the reality of who you really are.

Like; losing yourself in an eternal moment of love-making, losing yourself in a sunrise, losing yourself as you prune roses, brush paint on the canvas, run a marathon or get lost in the pages of a book.

In these moments the belief of being a separate self dissolves and you become all that IS.

It’s only when you try to control, cling to or chase what you want that your natural capacity to let go is blocked.

The Pain of Wanting

The belief you are a separate person in a body creates the perception that what you want is separate from you.

Love appears separate from you. It’s out there somewhere if only you can find the perfect lover. Success appears separate from you. It’s out there in a future promotion or win. Happiness appears separate. It’s out there, elusive and fickle, and always dependent on good things not bad things.

And when happiness, love and success appear separate from you it only makes sense to fight for, earn, pursue, capture or cling to them when they happen.

The Paradox of Letting Go

As with all things true, letting go is a paradox. When you let go of the belief of being a separate person in a body you melt into the experience of whatever is happening now.

You realize you are the witness and the sunrise, the lover and the beloved, the gardener and the rose, painter and painting, runner and marathon, reader and book.

All of the world becomes known as a reflection of your true Self – infinite light and energy shaping itself as all things.

The world happens and yet it doesn’t happen to a separate someone.

Not separate, you are everything and nothing.

The world and everything of the world is who you are.

Nothing Changes and Everything is Different

On the other side of the belief of separation you still experience a body, and the world still looks like the world. But the conditioned beliefs that used to filter your perception of reality dissolve and the world reveals itself as an endless expression of love, light and potential.

Behavior tends to shift from trying to find happiness, chase love, success and security – to simply being. Being secure, being peace, being love, being happiness.

Free of beliefs and expectations of how your life should look, every experience becomes a portal to realize you are what you seek. Nothing is lacking. Everything is possible. You are whole, complete, fulfilled.

So keep letting go. All the way. Let go the belief you are a separate person in a body.

Rest into your true Self. Let your life be molded and shaped as Love.


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