If you are conscious, awake and connected to your true Self, do you believe you would experience fewer problems?

Many turn to the spiritual path prompted by a desire to be free of the pain and hurt of problems.

But what if awakening does not promise a problem free life. Would you still want to walk the path?

The Problem with Problems

Let’s dissect a problem. It’s OK, this doesn’t involve blood and entrails.

Let’s take, for example; your car has a flat tire. Sure looks like a problem. You can’t drive your kids to school, fetch groceries or whatever you were planning on.

The thing is though. Prior to thought saying “this is a problem,” and prior to “this is a problem” being believed, a flat tire is simply a flat tire. Nothing more, nothing less.

The moment the “this is a problem” thought is believed, a cascade of worst-case scenarios and stress hormones turn a flat tire moment into a nightmare.

When this activity of the mind is observed with awareness we realize that problems only exist when what’s happening is believed to be a problem.

But what about the flat tire? Yes, there is still a car with a flat tire, kids to get to school (mind you, they might not believe that missing school is a problem!) and groceries to pick up. But what’s now unfolding is different . . .

The Difference Between Living Problem Free and Freedom from Problems

When the “flat tire is a problem” thought is not believed, the flat tire is simply what it is. Not good, not bad. Kids not getting to school is simply what is happening, and dinner not being picked up is simply that.

What there is not is a cascade of stress and contraction of the mind into worst-case scenarios.

And when there is no stress and no contraction of the mind, consciousness arises to open a portal into a fluid field of possibilities.

Clarity, perspective and insight deliver solutions, and Grace flows to forge pathways that sometimes seem like a miracle.

Freedom from Problems

Awakening does not promise a blissful problem-less life.

Tires will go flat. People will trip and fall. A hurricane will strip roof tiles.

Awakening offers the capacity to remain steady and rooted in consciousness in the moment a happening is happening, as opposed to disappearing down the rabbit hole of “this is a problem” thinking.

Explore your mind. Challenge and dismantle your beliefs about what you once accepted as problems.

Become free of suffering the stress and worst-case scenarios created of the mind.

Wonder, as true knowledge, logic, peace of mind and creative potential become more plentiful, not less.


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