If you’ve been around the block, you’re probably aware that time is running out for polar bears, ice caps and bees.

Ah-hem, and the unspoken elephant is that time is running out for homo sapiens. Yes, that’s you, me and all our friends.

It’s a lot to take on board.

Dwelling on this sends the nervous system a-jitter and propels human beings into:

Paralysis mode; “I’m frozen, I can’t think what to do”.

Flight mode; “What the heck, let’s party”.

Or Fight mode. “It’s all ‘their’ fault – let’s go after the baddies”.

But how does time running out square with the spiritual idea that time is eternal?

And, what is a conscious response? Is there one?

It’s All About Perspective

Let’s go back to the block.

If you’ve been around the spiritual block you’re probably aware that the only time there is, is the present moment.

What’s cool about the present moment is that it’s not found on a calendar.

It’s more a space than a date or hour. It’s where the past and future collapse into the ever present, eternal now.

When we root in the awareness that our true Self exists in the present moment it makes no sense to believe that time is running out.

This understanding releases us from the stress reaction of fight, flight or paralysis.

Resting in the eternal now throws open the door to inspired solutions that serve not just our physical survival but all beings and all of existence.

Living with Heart and Clarity

We may, or may not, not have solutions, or sufficient buy-in, to secure the ice caps. But, as we awaken, our response to threats to life will come from the timeless wisdom of our heart, not fearful reactions of the ego.

Our heart does not consider a bee less important or humans more important.

Our heart knows the mystical equation that delivers solutions to bring all of life into a coherent, harmonious whole.

If the plight of bees and the health all bodies call to you. Now is the perfect time to drop into your heart. Fall into the eternal now. Let your nervous system re-set.

Marvel as your mind opens and sparkles with the solutions.

Step aside and be in awe as reality un-shackles from the confines of linear time and arises fluid with fresh possibilities.


The Awakening Circle –
a place and space to return to the Heart


With humanity increasingly split and fragmented it can be difficult to stay centered and grounded in the heart.

The Awakening Circle is safe harbor in the storm – we meet online every month to rest deeply in wisdom and love, and re-set our being to live with awakened consciousness.

Here are two comments shared in last month’s Circle:

” ….70% of my anxiety dropped away in my morning meditation…”

“…in the middle of a conflict that has been running for decades with my partner, it was as though a crack opened up and I saw the illusion of the pattern. Then I suddenly stopped reacting. Just stopped. I saw the whole thing was made up by my mind…”

You are welcome to join us live or participate by watching the recordings.

Find out more on the Awakening Circle page, or if you have a question hit reply and pop me a note.

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