For as long as I remember I’ve had a deep knowing that human beings are innately happy and content.

I’ve no clue how this notion landed in me. Nothing much about the circumstances of my upbringing supported this idea but the understanding seared itself into my perception and stayed with me even when my personal happiness seemed to be buried.

Later, when I embarked on a study of human psychology and spirituality, I was excited to discover that many philosophy’s and traditions speak of our inner wholeness, perfection and joy.

If happiness is our true nature then why don’t we always feel happy? 

Take a moment to picture your essence as the sun; always shining, always sending out rays of light.

Just like the sun is sometimes obscured by clouds, the experience of our inner well being can be dimmed or lost completely for hours, days or even weeks.

But this doesn’t mean our happiness has vanished, it simply tells us that our energy and focus have become lost in the business of trying to create what we think will bring us happiness; the perfect job, mate, body or bank balance.
Drop to drop in.When we drop trying and striving to create what we think will make us happy two things tend to happen.

Our focus naturally turns towards our inner happiness and our energy and attention become available to listen to deeper impulses about what we really want and desire.

True happiness is what Life wants for us.

In our heart of hearts we are called to be something.

We may ignore glimpses or hunches about what is seeking to be expressed through us but the moment we begin to listen is the moment we begin to remember what we are here for.

By becoming still and quiet, meditating or journaling, or simply talking openly with a friend, we tap a deeper intelligence within us.

Our deeper knowing say’s things like “This is who you are and who you are not”; “This is what brings you alive and what dumbs you down.” “This is what brings you joy and what does not.”

What we love is an evolution not a destination.

When we listen inwardly we get to know ourselves more deeply and this gives us clarity to see our unique potential.

Greater conscious awareness about who we are allows us to learn from our experiences so that we create new possibilities, instead of staying stuck by keeping creating what we don’t want.

Greater clarity about our uniqueness means we stop trying to chase or achieve other people’s ideas about what will make us happy and instead start to enjoy the process of creating our lives according to resonates with us deep down.

When we listen and follow our deeper impulses we might surprise ourselves by bursting through to a new level of accomplishment in the world, but equally we might quietly and excitedly downsize our life to fit new found values of simplicity.

The beautiful thing is this: what seeks to live through us is always vital, enlivening and deeply satisfying no matter the size or shape of what we create in life.

Take time to listen to your deeper feeling and inner knowing, you’ll find contentment and peace is waiting inside and what you love will begin to reveal itself to you.


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