I’ve been immobilized by doubt many times.

A tsunami of doubt swept over me shortly after I made a decision in my late thirties to follow the promptings of my heart, rather than live the life I thought I ‘should’ live.

This choice stirred up an awareness of buried childhood wounds which in turn stirred up huge waves of emotional pain.

As I learned to resolve the emotional fall out I began to question the beliefs and ideas I’d held about myself and life, and my previously hardened sense of self collapsed.

On some days it felt as though only small fragments of my old identity remained, barely enough to hold myself together.

Then, doubt then swept in. My everyday (ego) mind said that if I carried on with my personal healing work I’d either loose my sanity, or die.

Fortunately. I’d engaged the support of a couple of skilled healing practitioners, and with their guidance and a deep inner resolve my psyche slowly pieced itself back together only this time it was consciously connected to my inner core.

But that wasn’t the end of doubt.

When my inner healing integrated, my natural gift as an intuitive healer broke through and my calling to become a spiritual healer surfaced. This was not a quiet and gentle moment, these realizations rocked my world.

At first I tried to ignore these insights but this led me to feel as though I was falling into a dark hole. The calling was so strong and clear that the only possible response was to surrender.

Then doubt swept in again and in a loud voice said; “Who do you think you are to be a healer?”

This time I was more prepared. I’d begun to understand that whenever we step out of our old identity and ways of being, doubt is inevitable.

Allow doubt to guide you.
Doubt is like a smoke screen. A barrier your ego self creates to prevent you from knowing the expansive and possibility-filled nature of your true self.

When you believe doubtful thoughts and feelings you loose confidence, hesitate, second guess your choices and eventually talk yourself out of following subtle impulses that show you your souls purpose.

If your true self is expansive and full of potential you might wonder why your ego self would want you to remain small and limited. It’s simply because your small self want’s to stay with what’s familiar because it feels safer that way.

It’s important not to ignore or push through feelings of doubt because this causes your energy to get caught up in fight and resist mode, and this only prevents you from being fulfilled, at peace and clear about what you’re here for.

Here’s how to develop a new understanding and respect for doubt to help you create what you love with greater clarity and ease.

1. Remember doubt is inevitable.
Doubt is a byproduct of healing and waking up your highest potential. It’s a sign that you’re moving out of living as your small ego identity into a more authentic and powerful version of yourself. When it arises reassure yourself, remind yourself that all is well.

2. Choose not to believe doubtful thoughts.
Consciously choose not to believe doubtful thoughts and feelings. You’ll likely need to make this choice over and over but, just like a muscle in your body, the more you exercise this choice the easier and sooner you’ll recognize doubt and make the choice to side step it.

3. Allow space and quiet to listen.
Create times of quiet and contemplation in your day. This helps you listen to the subtle messages and guidance of your heart. The vibration of your heart’s wisdom dissolves doubt.

You don’t have to sit in silent meditation, although if you enjoy silent sitting this is a great way to listen inwardly. The promptings of your heart can be heard when you; take a walk in nature, listen to a piece of favorite music with your whole body, or contemplate as you knit or do the dishes. Find what quiet times work for best for you.

When doubt drops away of you’ll gain clarity. You’ll know what steps to take, when to take them and with whom.

Over time you’ll become a more content, peaceful, resourceful and authentically expressed version of yourself. Guaranteed.

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