Hi, Happy New Year,

Have you been thinking back over last year wondering how to make this year go better.

If so, consider taking a cue from the classic sci-fi movie; Back to the Future.

In the story lead character, Marty, travels back in time to meet young versions of his parents. His task was to make sure they fell in love to ensure he continued to thrive.

In your year end review, instead of making your parents fall in love open wide to fall in love with you, who you really are.

Ready to take that journey?

Whoosh. Thud. Go ahead. Step into the capsule. It’s bigger than it looks.

Notice how the seat molds to your body. Comfy?

Now listen to the flight instructions playing through the speakers.

“Welcome aboard. You are about to reverse the journey of your life. Your destination is the source of infinite happiness, peace and fulfillment.”

“This is a driverless capsule, you are the navigation system. To set your destination turn your attention away from symbols of happiness you’ve been led to believe exist in accomplishments, belongings and status.”

“Fire up your desire to find true happiness within yourself instead of looking for happiness in the world”.

[Psst. This is where too many time travelers trip up. Let’s face it, it’s near impossible to avoid the belief that happiness comes from career success, relationship status, money or bucket list items. But do your best. You’ve got this!]

Beep. Beep. Off you go!

Now here’s where it gets interesting.

Seeking happiness in the world may have been a straight shot for you. You landed in the right place at the right time to achieve the status, health and relationships you want. You believe you’re happy even if it means holding on to what you have makes your knuckles turn white.

Or perhaps your pursuit has been punctuated with emotional eruptions that trapped you in a spider web for days, months or years. Been struck down by illness, relationship or job stress. Or wandered in the desert of the spiritual search that stole your faith that Life has your back.

No matter, either way, on this journey you’ll end up at the same perfect destination.

Sit back. Let the story of your life flash backwards. Don’t touch or judge any of it.

Your task is not to tweak, improve or correct choice points and outcomes. You’re traveling back to your original nature. To the essence of you that existed before you became a ‘you’ and beliefs about what would make you happy in the world became beliefs.

There’s nothing you can do to control the flight path. Turbulence only happens when you cling to what you believe makes you happy or push away what you judge as wrong.

Just keep fanning the flame of desire to find true happiness and you’re good.

“Welcome to you. We hope you enjoyed your trip”.

It’s neat how the capsule dissolved on arrival, isn’t it?

As you can see, we’re not in a place as such. There are no edges to infinity.

Rest here. Simply be open to your experience.

There’s something familiar about this place? Neat, you’re beginning to remember.

Beliefs, expectations and must-have’s are melting away? No problem, let them go.

You’re not sure who you are anymore? Excellent. It might feel a like you’re becoming naked but trust the process, you’re falling in love with your true Self.

Happiness for no reason is happening? Keep going, there’s no end to true happiness.

You’re starting to feel deeply satisfied and complete?

You’re loving this? Bingo!

Welcome to the happiness, love, peace and fulfillment of your true nature.

You’re now free of the impossible task of finding happiness and love in the world.

Does this mean you won’t bother to have work, relationships or worldly interests?

No. The opposite is true. You’re free to immerse yourself in the world knowing that your happiness and peace can’t be derailed by the things of the world.

When you feel the impulse to express yourself, go ahead. There is nothing and no one to stop you.

Be yourSelf. Express love. Express happiness. Express peace. Express wholeness.

The future looks bright.

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