When life looks uncertain it tends to set in motion a domino effect.

Uncertainty triggers insecurity, triggers fear, triggers the impulse to control what happens, triggers behaviors to ensure an outcome or avoid an outcome.

Lots of triggers = lots of discomfort and stress, coping behaviors and reaching for fixes.

Sounds familiar?

The belief we can control life and is deeply ingrained for most of us (until it’s not).

For instance. You might decide to make a tuna sandwich and ten minutes later, ta-da! you’re munching on it. So it appears you’ve controlled making a sandwich.

And yet, for every instance (it seems) you’ve controlled an outcome…you’ll find evidence that what you wanted (and tried to make happen) did not, and has not, happened.

So is it true? Are you really in control of life?

What we’re up to here is to gently question beliefs to uncover what’s True. It’s a bit like like kicking the tires of a used car before buying, we ask any belief; “Is it True?”.

Let’s do a test run.

You have control over your life, feelings, health, others and the world?

It that true?

Don’t try to answer with your belief. Don’t even try to answer the question. Let the question sink into your heart.

The answer arises in the space that opens up when this question gently rotates in your heart.

Sometimes might appear to be the answer. But what is true is not sometimes true. What is true is fundamental and universal (applies to all people/beings in all situations).

When you ask, over and over, “What is true?” layers and layers of lies about the nature of Life and who you really are peel away.

Over time you see that the belief life should and can be controlled generates suffering.

This realization might be surprising and perhaps painful (given how you’ve tried for years to be in control) yet, what’s remarkable is that this does not leave you powerless.

Instead you become free (of limiting, untrue beliefs).

Light-hearted (unburdened by the impossible task of controlling what cannot be controlled).

Inspired by fresh, pure, wisdom that wells up from the heart of your being.

Transformed to dance with Life to create the peace, harmony, wellbeing and love you are at your core.


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