At the end of a year I used to reflect on the past and make resolutions for what I wanted to create for the new one. But I now approach a new year differently.

The problem with resolutions is that they’re often born out of an assessment of what we don’t like; about ourself, body, relationships, work, bank balance, state of the world….

This kind of reflection usually ends up with a list of things we think are not good enough, small enough, big enough or successful enough. And follows with an intellectual pie in the sky building exercise of improvements we want to make.

It’s true that we have an unlimited imagination to think up whatever we want. The issue is that when we have an inner posture of judgement we create a state of non-acceptance.

And when we’re in a state of non acceptance any kind of forward movement feels like trying to drive a car with the hand-brake on. Which, by the way, can be done. I’ve driven with the handbrake (mistakenly left on) more times than I’d like to confess.

But driving with the handbrake on creates wear and tear and drains the fuel tank.
So it’s no wonder that taking steps to improve ourselves and life based on what we don’t like requires lots of effort and delivers diminishing returns.

There may be a rush of motivation to begin with and even a sense of fun in embarking on a plan for self improvement. But enthusiasm drops away and before long you’re berating yourself for failing to stick to your intentions.

So what’s the alternative?

Be still and know

I do tend to sit in quiet reflection at end of a year but instead of looking to improve myself and life I open up to transformation.

Transformation has nothing to do with improving ourselves or our life. When we allow our lives to transform we don’t simply create an improved version of ourselves or tweak what’s occurred in the past.

Transformation happens when we open to possibilities that go beyond everything we’ve experienced before. And our health, relationships, livelihood and impact evolve and expand out of limitless possibilities.

So how do we cross the threshold from self judgment to transformation? By getting still and present.

The stillness I’m talking about is not about being physically still, although to sit in mindful contemplation can be a great aid and tonic. I’m referring to the stillness of being conscious and present. This state of mind is an expanded state of being and has unique agency to move us into the field of expanded possibilities. The realm of possibility that goes beyond the personal to the Source of all Life.

Far from needing to be a master of consciousness to enter this space every human being has the capacity to be present. It starts by having less on our minds.

When we’re caught up in personal thought about the past or future we’re not present now. And personal thinking is not an accurate compass for living from our highest potential.

Personal thinking is a movement of spiritual energy that takes the shape of individual thoughts. We can choose to believe our thoughts or let them go. When we let go believing our thinking we don’t lose our intelligence. We cultivate a still quiet mind.

A quiet mind is open to fresh inspired ideas that flow directly from our highest potential. The thoughts we invariably miss when we’re trawling the past or speculating about the future.

Inspired thought bubbles up on it’s own timing, not just at the turn of a new year. It touches and moves us, generates a deep feeling of ‘rightness and often surprises us.

The more we live with a quiet mind the more inspired thought bubbles up pointing to expanded possibilities. And living in the direction of possibility fulfills more than our personal idea about what we’re capable of. This way of being and living fulfills our heart and soul without the risk of being disappointed.

So pause in your day. Drop believing your thoughts.

Open to creating a new you and inspired life.

Live inside a quiet mind that brims with inspiration and new possibilities.

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