What comes to mind when you think about addiction? Alcohol, drugs, food, exercise?

Makes sense.

But how about this. How about biggest addiction of all is the addiction to the story of ‘me’.

The ‘me’ I’m referring to is the ‘me’ at the center of your life. The ‘me’ that is the do-er and experiencer. The me that has a good or lousy life. Is a victim or survivor. Is treated with respect or rejected. Is a success or failure.

Consider this. This ‘me’, although s/he appears real, is not the real ‘me’.

As we wake up we begin to see that the ‘me’ at the center of our life revolves around stories. Inherited stories, cultural stories, family stories, political stories, religious stories, career stories, success stories, failure stories.

There is nothing wrong with our stories. Without them we’d be left twiddling our thumbs over dinner. It’s when we allow our stories to define us we miss the point of the story.

When we believe our stories to be the whole truth we move towards suffering.

Even when our life story is an uplifting one it still leads to the suffering that comes from trying to hold onto and maintain it.

What’s on offer, as we wake up, is an understanding that all stories, from positive to traumatic, are sacred portals.

Portals that lead to freedom. The freedom that comes when we experience our unbounded-by-stories true Self.

Think of it like this….our true Self is like the sky. Open, infinite, light filled. Our stories are like clouds.

Notice that the sky allows all manner of clouds from wispy ones to thunderous ones. It doesn’t resist a gray cloud, a rain cloud or thunder cloud, it doesn’t hold onto a perfect cumulus (the big rounded one) or rainbow.

Notice too, how the sky is not dented, bruised, wounded, deflated or even bowled over by any cloud formation. The sky remains constant, open, shining and even.

As we wake up we become sky-like. Our true Self/Love is open to all stories and sees the ‘me-at-the-center’ for what it is; a story made up of thoughts and beliefs.

Our positive story-of-me is seen for the trap it is – the burden of keeping the story going at all costs. And the ‘me’ at the center of a negative victim story is seen with compassion that frees the ‘victim-me’ by reminding us that our true Self is neither diminished nor wounded by insults or traumas.

Like the sky that radiates light, our true Self illuminates what is true – that who we really are is what comes before a story – pure light and potential.

As we wake up we rest more as openness. Open to all story lines appearing within the infinite sky of Consciousness that we are.

We resist less. We analyze less. We stop trying to fix, change or heal the ‘me’ at the center of the story who thinks s/he is wrong, damaged, hurt or shamed by the story playing out.

We recognize that the ‘me-experience’ at the center of a story is a portal offering us a direct path to the Love we are and always have been.

This understanding acts like sun beams breaking through clouds. The story of ‘me’ at the mercy of ancestral, collective and personal trauma heals as the unbroken peace of our true nature breaks through into awareness.

Take heart. Allow the sun of your true nature, the divine light of Consciousness, express the true ‘me’.

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