Recently I talked with a client who has cancer for the fourth time.

In spite of the diagnosis she’s vibrant, clear, focused, grateful and happy.

When I asked her what keeps her so engaged she replied that she simply gets on with life.

She does not believe her health is due to treatments. She’s does what she’s advised to do and what she’s not advised to do.

She takes conventional treatments and unconventional treatments.

She’s aware that others take the same treatments and die.

She credits living a full life to not being afraid of death.

Each time she faces death she allows terror, sadness and grief to come and then subside. And each time her fear of death dissolves.

This is the secret to life.

She does not cling to her body. Has not made a bucket list, made cancer an enemy, become a victim or tries to survive at all costs.

She experiences her existence free of the story of ‘I am my body’.

Just like the caterpillar that lets go of its’ body to become the butterfly.

When we realize we are not limited by, defined by or end when our body ends we become free to soar and shine.

Video Version: Die to Live
Watch the video version of Die to Live to go deeper into the paradox that liberates us to live fully.

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