I don’t know about you but I was taught to believe that discomfort; emotional, physical or both, signals a problem. To be fixed, changed, got rid of, or ignored.

No one told me that discomfort contains a treasure trove of wisdom.

In today’s world of uncertainty and chaos, you might like to consider the hidden advantage in discomfort.

The Rumble Strip

If you’ve ever drifted sideways into the breakdown lane on a freeway you’ve likely been jolted awake by that jagged strip of concrete called the rumble strip.

Not only that. You’ve probably exclaimed, “Thank goodness for that!” or some similar expression of appreciation. In the knowledge that the rude impact of the rumble strip prevented ending belly up in the ditch.

The beautiful hidden thing is, the rumble strip is designed to generate discomfort. This discomfort tells the driver that if they carry on in the direction they’re going they will suffer.

And it works.

When the driver is jolted awake, before they can even think straight, their hands grab the steering wheel and tweak it back to realign the car with the flow of traffic.

This is what moments of emotional and physical pain really are. They are rumble strip moments to guide a critical course correction that avoids unnecessary pain and leads to the desired destination.

You might wonder – how is the course correction deciphered? Which way does the ‘wheel’ need to turn to avoid suffering?

Well, let’s go back to the freeway….notice that when the driver is jolted awake they recognize where they are (on a rumble strip) and instantly (without thinking) their hands turn the wheel in the right direction.

The driver does not interpret the discomfort of the rumble strip as a problem. They don’t stop the car and try to change, fix, get rid of or ignore the rumble strip.

Instead, the driver downloads the course correction information in the instant the rumble strip becomes conscious.

And notice that the driver does not spend time doubting the course correction. The steering wheel is tweaked instantly without a thought.

So it is in every moment of human discomfort.

All that’s needed is to simply be aware of discomfort. Don’t try to fix, change, get rid of it or ignore it.

Be with it. Feel it. Open to it with the question: “Could I be OK feeling uncomfortable for one second … one more second … and another … ?”

Discover your natural capacity to be OK with feeling uncomfortable.

As you stabilize on the rumble strip of discomfort you no longer head towards the ditch.

As you stabilize longer the vast intelligence of your Being deciphers the course correction to re-align your perspective, actions and choices to deliver ease, inspiration, healing and love.

So, the next time you feel on the rumble strip take it as a blessing to guide you home – to your Self.

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