When I played field hockey, one coach used to say, “Don’t chase after the ball, let it come to you.”

Her advice seemed suspiciously casual but, as with all versions of the truth, her wisdom was a winner.

Good things really do appear out of the blue and “fall” into our laps when we let them.

I pass this idea on to clients who struggle to create what they want. It applies to everything from finding a partner, landing a book deal, enrolling new business to restoring health and spiritual freedom.

What “not chasing” is and isn’t.

Don’t: Chase after, strain, push, force or pile into the fray to grab the ball.

Do: Be open, curious, engaged and, from this space, do what makes the most sense. Remember, doing “nothing” sometimes makes the most sense.

For example, If you’re launching a coaching practice, show up – create a business card/website/newsletter. Spread these around. Tell friends and associates of your work. But don’t hunt, pin down, or lure clients with promises.

Don’t: Take your actions too seriously or cling to outcomes.

Do: Be “all in.” Put in the work, be persistent, and dedicated.

Persistence and dedication builds focus, learning and mastery.

Tension and attachment to outcomes contracts your being which leaves little room for the vast intelligence behind life to join the dots to deliver the ball in ways your mind could never imagine.

Don’t: Try to control how to get the ball.

Do: Let go. Rest in not knowing exactly how and when the ball appears.

Only the ego lives in time, gets impatient and wants control. Your true self is a timeless space of unlimited possibilities available in this and every moment.

Don’t: Take how you feel as a barometer for how well you’re doing.

Do: Allow every painful, challenging emotion, sensation, and event to be a pivot to turn within, to your heart.

Your heart is a compass, which constantly revises choices and actions that deliver the peace, clarity, and joy of your true nature.

Actions that spring from being rooted in your true nature are authentic, inspired, and aligned.

Don’t: Try to impress, fake it until you make it, or pump yourself up with motivation.

Do: Be yourself.

The true Self does not lack. It is whole and complete, happy for no reason. It has no need to manipulate itself or chase after things to be fulfilled.

Only the ego, founded on the belief of being a separate self, acts from lack, insecurity or desperation.

When it appears that the ball is out of reach or nowhere to be seen, do the opposite of the impulse to chase.

Soften, open with curiosity. Simply be you and good things will appear in no time.

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