In case you’re wondering, you are correct. I write and share about how to wake up. To be conscious, inspired by the vast intelligence behind life.

So why talk about falling asleep? Well, not being able to fall asleep is a problem for many. And, like all problems, can become a barrier to wellbeing. Sleep also holds the secret to waking up – the becoming conscious kind of waking up.

Let’s start by stating the obvious. Good sleep is a very good thing.

In good sleep the body repairs and grows cells and clears toxins that build up during waking hours. Poor sleep impedes this overnight clean up and leads to inflammation which downgrades health and wellbeing.

Honestly, if we were aware of the intricate biological dance that happens while we’re fast asleep, we’d be up all in night in utter astonishment.

And there’s more….

The miracle of falling asleep.

There are options when it comes to falling asleep. One requires no effort. The other involves trying, tossing and turning. Worry, more worry. Waking up weary, stressed and on the way to sleep aids and medication.

Self-help theories claim we’re in control of falling asleep and offer a myriad of techniques and aids to control falling asleep better.

But when we investigate the claim that we’re in control of falling asleep, the belief begins to falter.

In your experience; do babies do something to make themselves fall asleep? Do you control your circadian rhythm that regulates sleep? Or, do babies and adults fall asleep by letting go?

The belief that we control falling asleep leads to difficulties in falling asleep.

Imagine you’ve had a problem falling asleep for a couple of nights. It’s likely your mind says, “I have a problem, I can’t get to sleep.”

It then projects into the future: “If I can’t get to sleep, I won’t be fit for work tomorrow,” “I won’t be up to dealing with my kids,” “I’ll be off my game…”

This string of insecure thinking triggers a biological stress response which floods the body with stress hormones and turns off a natural capacity to fall asleep governed by our circadian rhythm.

If another night of broken sleep occurs the mind takes this as more proof that “I have a problem falling asleep.”

Can you see the rabbit hole? The same mind that buys into insecure thinking, that turns on a stress response, that prevents sleep from happening. Turns around and says ‘I’ve got to find a solution to control this problem’ (which it created!).

Granted, some sleep aids can be helpful. But all sleep aids potentially reinforce the belief “I have a problem sleeping.”

Alternatively, we can let the intelligence woven through our mind-body to show the way to sleep. It’s all about letting go.

Sleep happens when the belief “I am in control of sleep” falls away.

When the belief “I have a problem with sleep” falls away.

When stressful thoughts that “I’ll be in trouble if I don’t fall asleep” fall away.

Free of the belief we have to control falling asleep for sleep to happen our body and mind aligns with the intelligence of the circadian rhythm.

And when this happens, before you can count to ten….Zzzzzzzz

Sleep becomes more than a biological restoration event; it becomes an opening into our essence.

Like a wave that dissolves back into the ocean we return home to our true nature; pure formless awareness. Still conscious. Able to wake when the baby cries or the alarm goes off. But deeply, deeply at rest with no “me” trying to control sleep in sight.

In the absence of a “me” trying to control falling asleep, sleep is delicious.

It’s the kind of sleep that allows the morning waking moment to be utterly fresh and new.

The kind of sleep that reminds us of who and what we really are. Love, presence, peace and potential ready to shine.

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