What is your super power?

You have a glistening smile? You’re a dab hand at brain surgery or a tap dance afcionado?

And, what if you have an even super-er-super power?

Any guesses?

Hint: It’s hidden in plain sight.

Answer: Your capacity to open.


Yes, your capacity to open to what’s arising right here, right now; thoughts, sensations, sounds, images, smells. The appearance of self, others, your life, the world.

Your capacity to open allows you to get up close with what’s arising and, in this intimate meeting, learn, grow, heal and evolve.

Note: being open to what’s arising does not involve thinking about what’s arising.

Thinking about whats here now wraps layers of belief, judgement and expectation around what’s arising. Obscures reality which lives beneath the surface of mind- made illusion. Leads away from raw, naked truth.

Open especially to what’s uncomfortable. To what stirs reaction and contraction, triggers avoidance, suppression, denial, trying to fix or get rid of.


Be. With. What’s here.

Relax in the space of what you don’t want, dislike, fear or hate.

This boundless wide open – open-ness, empty of judgment and condemnation, is the space of transformation.

Let go the fight with life.

Healing and repair happens here.

Allow openness to widen and deepen. Allow tension, suffering and contraction to fall away. Allow wellbeing and infinite aliveness to rise to the surface. It will. It always does.

This is reality. You, we, everything is infinite Being of pure potential.

Let openness to what’s here now become your default, as it was at birth. Then all of life is seen in a whole new light.

At this point you may say…”Nothing has changed, yet everything is different”.

The world is still the world. There are bills to pay and all manner of human messiness to deal with. Yet every challenge, problem and wound is met with openness. From here obstacles are seen through.

On the other side new possibilities, opportunities, solutions and perspectives upwell. This is the nature of reality, the nature of you.

So open. It’s time.

Go beyond the limits of the mind-made self.

Be an infinite, endless stream of possibility.


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