The red maple gracing my backyard is about to burst.

As I watch and feel through my kitchen window I find myself wanting to shout, on behalf of the tree, ‘It’s too much. I can’t handle it!”

But the unassuming guru called Mother Nature whispers “There’s wisdom in overwhelm.”

The leaves are curled tight knots, but by this time next week a wild, glorious liberation will happen and this years plumage will be on full, flowing display.

So it is….when a beloved tells me they are fed up with pain happening again, tired of feeling intense discomfort, again.

I tend to say, “Great. Thank goodness!”

If this is the first time they hear this response a puzzled expression appears across their face as if to say – “Why aren’t you sympathetic? I don’t feel anywhere near great.”

And this is where we turn towards truth. We investigate what’s really going on when overwhelm comes to visit.

Typically, overwhelm is taken as a sign of defeat. Proof of being unable to handle what’s occurring. Reason to give up, tumble into despair or try even harder.

But when it arises on the path of healing and awakening, overwhelm is an entirely different event.

Nature shows the way…think caterpillar morphing into butterfly. A mother in labor. Baby teeth pushing though tender gums.

These are threshold moments. Intense upheavals, yes, but perfectly natural, intelligent initiations that open into a fuller, more complete expression of truth, love and potential.

In the absence of believed-thoughts that condemn it. Overwhelm invites our body and nervous system to relax into the sensory event.

It becomes clear there is no sense in trying to hold back what’s unfolding and being birthed.

Wisdom whispers “Take a deep breath and trust.”


Allow the tsunami of sensation to become a breakthrough.

Allow tight layers of old belief, no longer fit for purpose, to fall away.

Allow this collapse to align your entire being with freedom bursting open here, now. Freedom to be your true nature.

Writer Anais Nin put it like this:

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Trust. Overwhelm. You are designed to blossom.



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