What follows is a tip for severe weather. Specifically for when you find yourself in a hurricane. The human version that is. In other words when life seems to be swirling around you creating chaos, disorder, confusion and disorientation… all that uncomfortable stuff.

At times like this your attention has moved to the periphery of your human experience. And, rather like a real hurricane where the wind swirls most destructively at the outer edges of the storm. When your attention is at the periphery of your experience you will encounter the most confusion and drama.

I can’t claim to have been in a real hurricane, but I have walked into many human made storms. When I worked as a probation officer in a previous career incarnation it was my job to shine a light on complex situations which involved some kind of trauma.

My clients were often highly agitated and to get anywhere I needed to have the skills to diffuse emotional charge. Somehow I seemed to know exactly how to BE to generate calm and peace. I became known for my ability to ‘handle’ highly volatile clients.

Whilst it took me several years to uncover what exactly I was ‘doing‘ to create palpable peace, along the way I noticed that human storms are usually the result of resistance, judgements and fear.

When a real hurricane approaches there is a tendency do one of the following:

1. batten things down to survive the experience.

2. resist or make a stand against the storm.

3. flee.

Notice if you go into your own version of one of these postures when you experience drama or chaos.

Do you try to be strong and tough out your discomfort, pretend that everything is OK, or attempt escape by numbing yourself out? Or do you take pleasure in drama, rather like storm chasers will race after a tornado?

These strategies may work for a while to keep the storm at bay, but in the long run you’ll likely become depleted and disheartened.

There is an easier way.

At the center of a real hurricane there is a calm and sunny center.

And so it is within you.

At your center you will always and only find calm and peace.

The Feeling of Being Loved.

The next time you sense a storm approaching or find yourself caught in a whirl of confusion and drama:

#1 Make friends with your experience, drop judging or making your upset or discomfort wrong or bad.

#2 Bring your attention to your energy Heart in the middle of your chest.

#3 Feel the feeling of being loved – imagine what this feels like if you are not familiar with this feeling.

#4 Allow this feeling to infuse into your whole body, all the way into your bones and out into your energy field.

#5 Repeat often.

The feeling of Love is a vibration which dissolves resistance and fear. It helps anchor you in the center of your true identity as a Being of Love.

When you are anchored in your true identity you become free of all forms of struggle and new delightful possibilities reveal themselves.

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