The other day I had a conversation with a client who’d had a surprising breakthrough.

To put this in context here; she originally came to me feeling blocked. She’s a writer, so this was a big deal. Her first book is already conceived and started, but she had stalled in completing it.

She felt pinned down by an inner voice saying; “I’m never going to make it”. The pressure of her emotions were getting in the way of her writing process. So we began to look at how she could connect to her higher potential, to allow her writing to flow from inspiration, rather than from effort.

Catch the right train

As a gentle enquiry, I invited her to begin to notice the trains of thought that ran through her everyday mind. I didn’t ask her to change her thoughts, simply to become more conscious of their quality….how they felt to her.
It quickly became obvious that the majority of her thoughts were heavy with doubt and criticism. She also noticed that when she believed her thoughts, she began to feel contracted, worried and anxious.

This simple observation began a profound shift.

The thoughts we think determine the quality of our life experience

Our emotional body is not something we can touch with our fingers, but it exists as a subtle dimension of our human-spiritual nature. It behaves like a still, clear pond. It’s job is to amplify the nature of our thoughts, both conscious and unconscious.
When you throw a heavy brick into a pond the pond creates waves. These waves take a different shape when you drop a feather into the pond.

Thoughts such as “I’m not good enough” or “There’s something wrong with me”, land like heavy bricks in our emotional body, and create waves in the shape of fear, anxiety and depression.

On the other hand, thoughts that resonate with our true essence as wisdom and love, land in our emotional body to create waves of peace, contentment and joy.

This is the beauty of our human-spiritual design.

Simply notice

Instead of trying to release, avoid, resist or fight with our emotional experience, we can foster an attitude of curiosity – that quality of inner noticing that doesn’t judge.

In the instant we are curious, we begin to see that our emotions are telling us how much of our thinking is an accurate reflection of our true nature. When we feel contracted and heavy, its a signal that we’re innocently holding conscious or unconscious thoughts that are untrue. And, when we’re feeling open and light, it’s confirmation that our thinking is pointing us towards our infinite potential as expressions of love.

The breakthrough

Out of the blue, my client felt a deep impulse to write. This impulse didn’t come from her inner critic telling her she should write. And, it wasn’t an impulse to return to writing her book. Instead she felt moved to respond to a tragic event in her local community.

Spontaneously and intuitively she knew she had something to say. Something original and radical, which only weeks ago she would have felt incapable of writing, let alone publishing. The article that flowed through her helped her readers find love in situation that was dark and disturbing.

When we stop believing that our emotions are telling us the truth, we drop into a deeper reality – where our inner senses hear, and feel, the subtle messages of our soul.

We become shaped by the impulses of our heart, not the habits of old thinking, and our actions become inspired ones which uplift and heal us, and those around us.

I invite you to take a quiet, curious look inside. What emotions are you taking to be true? What if your heavy, fearful emotions are a signal that your thoughts and beliefs are out of date, inaccurate or misleading?

Open to the possibility that who you really are, and what you are capable of, is far more expansive, enjoyable and powerful than how you feel.

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