Michele, like so many with curly hair, struggled to feel good about the quirky uniqueness of her head of curls. No big deal, you might think. Except that anything about ourselves that we reject, or try to cover over, cuts off our joy, and with it, our natural ability to inspire and uplift others.

This story is about learning to love what you hate, and birthing a revolution.

Dreading waking up
It’s not fun to wake up in the morning feeling like you’re cursed. But this is how Michele started her day for over 30 years. Why didn’t her hair look and behave like that of her friends? Why did her curls seem to fight with all the shampoos she tried and tried. She battled, trying make her hair look the way she thought it should look. She failed.

Outwardly she had a good life, a devoted partner and father of their children, close friends, a business as a homeopath. Inwardly, though, her life felt dull. Now that her children were older, Michele was restlessness to create something new. She had no idea what, but she felt the impulse.

“Where do I start?” she asked.

Always, start with love
We started by taking a gentle look at all the places and ways that Michele was quietly at war, not just with her hair, but herself. Like holding the idea that she was responsible for other people’s happiness, the belief that it was a mistake to appear vulnerable in front of her partner and children, and the overly high standards she kept for herself.

Gradually she learned to quiet her inner critic. Some judgments hung on for a while, they seemed to have a purpose; “If I don’t have these judgments, what will keep me from trying?” She faltered as much as she slowly found new footing.

It took some persistence on her part. But, sure enough, just as day follows night, she began to discover how to connect with her true nature. Not in a narcissistic, look at how special I am, kind of way. More in the way of a discovery that deep inside her, beyond the static of her everyday thinking, underneath the inevitable ups and downs of her emotions, lies a diamond. A brilliant, light-filled essence that radiates as quiet joy, inner peace, clarity and inspiration. This gem lies inside you too.

Then listen
At the beginning of our conversations, Michele had no clue that she would end up birthing a curly revolution. Yes, she had skills, abilities and life experience. She had always been drawn to healing and empowering others, she has an eye for beauty, and as a homeopath she had learned about natural remedies, and how to blend ingredients.

But the idea that the very thing that she had struggled with most of her life, would become the inspiration for groundbreaking, natural hair care products that empower women and men to embrace and enhance what is natural to them was barely a speck on her radar.

You can be one of the first to see Michele’s love-filled, conscious creations here.

And, allow yourself not to know
Looking back, it makes sense to Michele that her life is taking this new course. Her new business draws on all her prior interests and experience. Now though, instead of trying to figure out and plan her life and business using her everyday mind, she allows plenty of space for ‘not knowing’ what her next steps are. So that her heart can sense and feel the way towards what resonates with her inner core.

This way of navigating is teaching her how to stand in her unique presence, and make practical business decisions that align with her essence as she leads others to reclaim and embrace what is unique to them.

Michele’s story reminds us that we are the arms and legs of life’s creations. Our job, is to listen to the ‘still small voice’ within us. For the whispers of our inner light, to tell us how to land our higher inspirations into the world, which, in small or larger ways, always serve us, and simultaneously serve others too.

Awaken your heart – it’s about spiritual awakening, but it’s totally practical too

AYH-2014I’m frequently asked if my courses are practical. For some, the idea of spiritual awakening equals becoming removed from life, disengaging from our everyday life experience.

There are times when taking ourselves away for reflection, retreat and contemplation are vital. But, in my experience, and the experience of my students, when we really listen to our higher calling – it prompts us to show up more fully in life; in our workplaces, families and communities. Offering our wisdom, gifts and love.

If you have an uneasy sense that you’re not fulfilling what you are here for or feel weighed down with fear, anxiety, ill health or stress. Come and take a look at my upcoming program: Awaken your Heart. It teaches how your true nature, as love, holds the key to your joy, health and fulfillment.

It starts on Tuesday October 28th, and there’s an early registration rate of $100 off the full rate, if you step into the program before midnight, Tuesday, October 21st.


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