If happiness, peace and freedom appeal to you, life becomes simple.

Do I see a raised eyebrow?

I get it. Me too. It searched for happiness and peace until the search ended. But, hand on heart, I fall into the trap from time to time.

Let’s take a look at how simple this happiness thing is.


It’s about knowing the difference between two directions.

The one that leads nowhere and the one that leads you home.

The humble caterpillar demonstrates this difference perfectly.

The caterpillar travels in a direction that takes flight as a butterfly. It doesn’t move in the opposite direction.

What would this look like in the case of not so humble humans?

Either we believe that we’re separate individuals.

Or we know that who we really are is infinite Consciousness/Godstuffness/Light.

The former leads to suffering.

The latter shimmers with happiness, peace, freedom, inspiration, joy, clarity and healing.

Let’s explore three popular roads that lead to suffering. And the only turn around to home.

Our ego thrives on seeking happiness out there. In the form of belongings, relationships, careers, money, achievements and doing ‘good’ things.

From childhood we’re trained to seek happiness in the world.

There’s nothing wrong with having relationships, careers, money. Nothing wrong with achievement. The trap is to believe that circumstances and objects are the source of happiness and peace.

We can only head home when our relationships, work life and actions are an expression of the love, peace and joy of our true nature.

Figuring out
The personal ‘me’ centered mind loves to figure out answers. Thinks it knows best and is prepared to go to war to defend and justify it’s beliefs.

Now, our minds truly are a marvel. But just like trying to find darkness with a flashlight. We cannot find the limitless condition-less happiness and peace of our true nature with our finite mind.

Put your mind to work with a crossword puzzle, yes. But be vigilant if your is mind trying to figure out the next step to bring you love, peace or happiness.

Like the white spaces on this page. Peace and happiness exist before thoughts and beliefs.

Trying to change or fix ourselves
Only the ego likes or dislikes. Loves or hates. Approves or disapproves. Makes us, others or life wrong or bad, negative or positive.

Our true self doesn’t discriminate between good and bad.

Our true nature is open, welcoming and loving. Includes all experience equally.

Does not even see this or that.

Knows nothing of better, more, improved.

Our true self sees only the underlying wholeness and perfection of all of life.

Not until we look within ourselves – not to our circumstances, thoughts or beliefs – but to our Source, can we find conditional-less happiness, peace and love.

Be gentle yet persistent.

When you find yourself caught in an ego trap. Simply be honest. Love will answer the call and gently turn within.

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