Climate change. Population overspill. Pollution.

What’s to be done? How can we make ourselves safe and secure?

Make money, find a knight/ess in shining armor, build a self sufficient farm?

Today’s reflection explores where insecurity comes from and how to avoid it.

Let’s start with this question….

Are you your body?

Seriously. Take a look.

You’ll see something life changing.

OK. It appears you are.

In that case, which body are you?

The body you were born as? The body you were at five years old, fifteen, twenty-five, fifty-five?

Biologists claim that our body renews itself every seven years, give or take.

On that basis which body are you?

If the body of the baby is not the same body of the twenty or fifty-five year old. Then the body is not a permanent thing. It appears, disappears, reappears, and so on.

So, does that mean the sense of ‘me’ or ‘I’, we usually associate with our body, comes and goes along with the body appearing and disappearing?


Let’s back up.

Einstein, known for his belief busting ideas about the nature of existence, commented that solid objects are “…merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

The invitation here is to open to the possibility that the body is not a solid thing.

If the body is not a permanent thing – rather an elaborate illusion. Could it be that “I am a body” is a declaration of a belief rather than a statement of fact.

And because beliefs come, go and change, and are therefore unreliable. Could it be that feelings of insecurity stem from believing that we are a body when deep down we know this isn’t true?

Now, before you walk away thinking this is an exercise in spiritual by-pass or denial of the physical world. Please stop. This exploration is not a denial the fact of experience.

As I type this, my fingers are working keys on my keyboard. I’m sipping a cup of afternoon tea. And did I mention that mine has arthritic knees?…I digress.

Our body is an experience, and treating our body well serves us.

But here’s the turn around.

If our body is a temporary, non-solid appearance.Then the acquisition of material things or taking actions to feel secure is futile. We cannot secure what is immaterial.

The realization that we are not the body liberates us to experience that who we really are; ever present Consciousness. Pure, unconditioned-love, exists before, during and after the appearance of a body.

True security comes from understanding that who we really are was never born and never dies.

As this understanding sinks in our true self expresses as; making money, forging relationships, building self sustaining farms and much more. Not as desperate acts to try to feel secure but as gifts of Love.

Keep on loving.

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